Preferred Homecareoxygen order for hypoxaemic/copd patient not delivered


Ordered 13 tanks 10/18/17 for next day. Never recv'd on 10/19/17. Called after hours & told order had "not been processed", so delivery was to be 10/20/17. Called @9am to ensure delivery. Told order had been "processed", and delivery was to be by 12pm
Called back at: 1pm, 315pm, 340pm, 440pm, each time being told delivery was to be by each of those times. No deliveries. Also left VM at 330pm with supervisor "Lisa", who never called back. Saturday 10/21/17 "Cameron" told me order had been "canceled", and delivery would be by 2pm. No show. Called back, and delivery was now 6-7pm. Called to verify @630pm & another agent said mine was the last on the route, so wouldn't be until 930pm. Waited till 1030pm and went to bed. Sunday 10/22/17-NEVER DELIVERED! No apologies. Only LIES! I have a concentrator machine, but also need the tanks oxygen, as it is a different concentration than the machine. I've mild COPD, but mainly Hypoxaemia due to the heart, with brain damage. And just had heart surgery on 10/17/17. I've waited 4 days now and its become an urgent matter, much more than just an order not being received, or being held hostage because I can't leave the house. I don't understand why they're doing this to me. I'd hate to think they're prejudice because I've Medicaid for insurance???

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