Prasa / Passenger Rail Agency of South Africaprasa

K May 15, 2019

Good day
I was on the 3204 train this morning. I am a disabled lady walking with a walker and one of the Prasa security guards wanted to throw me out of the moving train cause I took too long to produce my train ticket.
He was swearing at me calling me names saying "You people like to take chances" They don't check the other people tickets and there are so many people that don't have valid ticket.
My ticket #15044 operator :[protected]...

This is a valid ticket and I just want to let Prasa know that I am going to make a case against Prasa as its one of your employees who spoke to me like I am not even a human being and I have a physical disability. I am going to the Human Rights Commissioner as well. As for too long people with Disabilities have been discriminated against.
The fact that he wanted to throw me out of a moving train was the worst.

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I am also going to be newspaper with this as Prasa has been giving very bad service for way too long and no one is doing anything about it.
This kind of behavior is not acceptable as we are way too long in democracy and I personally think that it was a racial attack as well as I am a colored woman and he was a black man who thinks he has the right and power to man handled a disabled woman.

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