Prasa/MetrorailBad service


I am a commuter on your train, we travel from Benoni to Park Station and back every day. We use the Springs Business Express (EBE) as well as the Springs Express. Since the beginning of January 2016 we have had endless problems with the service.
We have been getting late to work and getting home late.
Yesterday the Springs Express 430 and 650 was cancelled just like that what were we supposed to do, then on top of that all stations was to full we could not get on them either, please advise when these problems are going to be sorted.
Will PRASA refund our money we paid for the month of January 2016 because due to the inefficiency of the trains and notices we have had to spend money taking the gautrain/taxi and other transport to get home.
The other problem is that we are no longer safe on the trains we were stuck last week and yesterday and we had other commuters stoning the train, what is we were injured who would pay?
We need you to communicate with us on problems/delays/issues early. Many a time communication is only done at the last minute or when someone complains.

Please tell me how do you run your business. If a train is faulty why let it run then when it breaks down there is a problem we all suffer. This is totally unacceptable service from this company

You have big digital boards at park station to inform commuters of trains and times and problems but these never work
The speakers are in such bad condition that we cannot hear any of the announcements
We get to work late everyday are you going to explain to our bosses that it was because of your incompetence
We have seen construction and upgrades in progress since last year when are these going to be completed? In 2020

The excuses are pathetic: Panel Out, Train is tripping the electricity, train stuck need another one to push it out the way, only one line, wait for signal or no signal, manual authorisation……..

We are at our wits end

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