Pos Malaysia Berhadmy order no. rc105267944my

A Review updated:

Please, I have checked my order tracking status on your website, it showed that my order arrived to uae since 09/05/2017, but nobody call me and I don't know where can I collect it.

The status in you website show that unsuccessful delivery due to others due to action: addressee advised to pick up the item.

So please advise me where and what shall I do?

My mob. no. is [protected]

  • Updated by Noraina9 · Aug 09, 2017

    Saya punya parcel sampai sangat lambat. Sampai di pusat serahan rawang pada 2/8/17. Saya terima 9/8/17. Bila barang saya sampai barang saya jahanam dan tidak boleh digunakan langsung . Saya hendak ganti rugi untuk kerosakan barang saya. jika tidak saya akan usul kan ke KPDNKK & naik kan di sosial media tentang isu ini.

  • Updated by Raz ariel · Sep 15, 2017

    Forgot to stated the tracking no: ER017160602MY

  • Updated by Jin foo · Jan 20, 2018

    Why missing my parcel? Already arrived Kota Kinabalu processed since 10th Jan so now how?

  • Updated by Adeoye Sunday · Feb 27, 2018

    I ordered for this product 240L/H Brushless Submersible Water Pump Mini Electric Submersible Waterpump Ultra-quiet DC 12V 3M expecting your company to make delivery to me but till now i got no information as regard it. I'm already running out of time to get my project done.
    Please, how can i access the product?

  • Updated by Mohamad Samsudin · Mar 25, 2018

    Please help me how to track my parcel

  • Updated by Guyoi · Jun 08, 2018

    This 2018 bulan ini juga I mahu sebelum 11jun18
    Monday Tq So much!!!

  • Updated by shang831 · Jun 25, 2018

    im sanggerri mohan
    i blm dapat lagi barang i (EN068380576MY)
    sender hantar pada 21-6-2018
    tolong contack i 01620092714
    No.61-1-2, Jalan 7/18D, Taman Mastiara, 51200 KL
    (EN068380576MY) Kosmetik from ultimate secret resources

  • Updated by Elaine Chin · Aug 09, 2018


  • Updated by zulaya · Aug 16, 2018

    Mana brg sy?

  • Updated by Jess S · Oct 19, 2018

    Parcel yg saya hantar 17/10/18 dari ipoh ke Kangar Perlis...Semalam saya track No tak dapat tak update...Hari ni 20/10/18 saya Track parcel saya kat poslaju Langkawi...Knapa dah pergi Langkawi ? Alamat pun Kangar...Please Hantar Balik Kat Alamat Yg Betul!!!


  • Za
    Zaful Nov 01, 2017

    Dear Ayag,  
    We apologize for this situation that the delivery for your package is unsuccessful .

    For more details on shipping methods, please click here:
    Please offer us your order number or you can email to [email protected] com titled as "complain from Complaintsboard".
    Once we received your feedback,we will help you solve the issue.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.   
    Best Regards
    Zaful Customer Service

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  • Zu
    Zur Azwin Aug 13, 2018

    Hi, Please send my item for tracking no EP487672207MY as soon as possible, as i check tracking no, the last dated is on 3 Aug 2018 & until todate 8 Aug 2018 no updated at all.


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  • Be
    Beh.. Aug 14, 2018

    Its charges for phone call, so why introduce so much things during the call? Too much time consuming and waste of phone call charges!! Beside that, there is nobody answer the call for a very long period. Please delete the introduce or put it when waiting the phone answering. And please direct to the selection we need.

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  • Ha
    Harus Mohd Aug 14, 2018

    Salam saya cuba melayari web untuk status semak dan kesan tetapi laman web dalam proses maintainan dan saya cuba menghubungi Hotline POS Malaysia tiada respond
    dan saya mohon POS Malaysia membuat serahan kali ke 2

    item nombor

    Date :20/7/2018

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  • Ki
    kiky aqiela Aug 14, 2018

    Tracking Number : MY188706844184F and MY185388318061X WRONGLY send to another address by poslaju that not responsible to my call. And im not staying in shah alam. Poslaju Malaysia always do the same mistake! and it was an important parcel! Dont simply send to another adrress.

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  • Vi
    Viran Aug 14, 2018

    Please look into this order, as there hasn't been any movement for the pass 3 days. I need this quite urgently. Because it has already reach at the nearest branch of where i live at but there is no movement of delivery. When i call in there is no response as well!!! Assist Urgently !!!

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  • Iz
    izzatul zahra Aug 14, 2018

    Based on your tracking sytem (EH834049340MY) it shown
    Item has been pos on 2 July at pasir puteh.
    Item has been arrive at delivery facility on 12july at caw. Serahan Klang selatan. Untill now still stuck there.
    What kind of service your company provide? Even self collect also cant.too bad.

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  • An
    綵誼 Anny Aug 14, 2018

    Item are delivered, I also received, but you are not updated, I am shopping online, your system has not been updated, the seller when I cancel the order, said that I did not take the goods, how your system is slow, the dispatch is slow. Please update!
    Thank You...

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  • Ju
    Julie Liu Aug 14, 2018

    My Item should be arrived on 16 july 2018 but when i checked it on tracking pos laju it has delivered to person that i even don't know in my office. I have tried to called the Pos Laju Balakong but it seem everybody in there was sleeping no one pick up.
    My item was delivered from Shopee 92Shop. And My tracking no is ER348606225MY.

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  • Na
    Nadhira Farhana Aug 14, 2018

    Posmen sangat kurang ajar bila baling barang dalam pagar semasa mak saya bukak pagar!

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  • Zu
    Zur Azwin Aug 14, 2018

    Please update tracking as the last tracking was on 20 July 2018 and Kindly send my item as soon as possible.


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  • Ct
    Ct Malihah Aug 14, 2018

    Kindly help me to trace this tracking number ER358903118MY? because until now i cant trace from the pos laju system.

    TQ for your cooperation

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  • El
    Elaine Chin Aug 14, 2018

    Bad attitude
    Talking rudely
    Bad service

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  • Ch
    Chenchiang Aug 14, 2018

    Dear post laju LZ562515058US still receive since 3 july

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  • Je
    Jess S Aug 15, 2018

    Hye...Gud morning... I should want to know where is my parcel???? 9 Jul send out From Ipoh tesco Po Perak... Today 17 Jul one week more didnt update system and i dont know where is my parcel at all... Thats urgent parcel... And if inside lost things you alls should pay me back!! Track no EH721583371MY

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  • Iw
    Iwan Saputra Aug 15, 2018

    order saya er321010562my sampai skrng x da khabar.. apa ni pos laju? tolong la proceed wahai pos laju..

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  • Fi
    fiszan nizan Aug 15, 2018

    Parcel i dah diposkn kt kaunter pos laju kuala selangor pada 9/7 and now x sampai lagi sya perlukan parcel saya EMERGENCY!!!
    TOLONG SEND PARCEL SAYA sebelum hari jumaat nie

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  • Yu
    yurita Aug 15, 2018

    Track No. EH 470566164 MY sent from Gombak on 7th July 2018 to Cheras has not arrive until now. Please help. Need the health product urgently. TQVM

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  • Qu
    qurratu aini Aug 15, 2018

    saya drop off item di pejabat pos untuk dipulangkan ke lazada. tetapi barangnya dihantar kepads saya

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  • Mo
    Mohd Faisal Marso Aug 15, 2018

    barang saya sudah sampai di pos laju johor bahru, tapi belum dikluarkan, barang di pos pada 4 julai tapi sehingga 9 julai masih belum sampa, barang urgent nk pakai

    track number : EN060293672MY
    phone number : 0197008306

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  • Fa
    Fadzilah Abdul Taib Aug 15, 2018

    Hai pos laju.. Fadzilah dar penang.. Tracking no barang EH 553325206 MY .Barang dah bagi pada despatch KELANA JAYA sejak 6/6/18... Hari ni dh 8/6/18 tracking no masih tak keluar dalam sistem... Camna customer nk check???

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  • 憑赖 Aug 15, 2018

    7 May 2018 sent out
    28 May 2018 item processed
    17 June 2018 NO UPDATE
    Please kindly take action on this matter.

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  • Go
    Gordonccs Aug 15, 2018

    Please check my item posted by 7 Jul until now still at transit office EN934046417MY your service is damn slow take one week time still in transit office

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  • Ai
    Airinrose Aug 15, 2018

    I hve check my tracking number.. There are still 2june the latest update ... 2 june at Poslaju Kuching Utara.. Today 7 june.. Have nothing update so far..

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  • Am
    Amy Adena Aug 15, 2018

    Please find my parcel..
    Didnt move since 8th June..consignment despatch out..and no update since that..
    Please feedback.

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  • Al
    AlstonCK Aug 15, 2018

    Already twice display on track & trace that my parcel was arrived and all of the customer service contact number doesn't work.

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  • De
    Deloria Razin Aug 15, 2018

    Post laju klang servis sangat teruk.Lambat update parcel .Semalam saya datang untuk claim barang parcel .Pekerja di situ menipu mengatakan barang tidak sampai lagi.

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  • Jo
    Jontra Tju Aug 15, 2018

    Dear pos laju,
    this is my third email for complaint of delivery package.
    please help me for this issue at my tracking number:
    1. Er310423656my
    2. Eh846013594my
    this 2 package already at pos laju kuching for 1weeks.
    why my pakckage still not delivery to me??

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  • Le
    lee michael Aug 15, 2018

    Hi my item was send from alor star to kl and item send on yesterday 7:02:08pm from alor star. Till today now 02:54pm system still showing "item dispatched out" may know need how long for update the system????

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  • Li
    lisya Aug 15, 2018

    sudah nak 2minggu barang tidak tahu [email protected] pos mana

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  • Ir
    irzi Aug 15, 2018

    Parcel saya (EP496627736MY), Seller dah pos parcel saya pada 5/6/2018 dari setia alam tapi sampai sekarang tak sampai lagi. tiap tiap hari saya check parcel saya still stuck tempat yang sama "PosLaju Parcel Hub". tolong deliver barang saya hari ini atau esok (11/[email protected]/6). 13/6 saya dah nak balik kampung. So please ye.

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  • Hi
    hidayahars Aug 15, 2018


    tolong check tracking saya.

    dah 17 hari tak sampai. call pos laju semua tak berjawab.

    saya nak pos laju bertanggungjawab jika barang saya rosak.
    barang saya tu makanan, dan saya pasti sudah basi. Mohon poslaju bertanggungjawab untuk ganti rugi.

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  • Fi
    fidahnordin Aug 15, 2018


    I still haven't received my parcel from the sender until now. Been calling poslaju customer line for few days but no one answering me or need to wait for bloody long time. I just want my status update on where my parcel located. Checked it online but not updated since 4th July. Please respond!

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  • Ca
    Candy Yap Aug 15, 2018

    East malaysia kk,
    Not yet arrival receipt place.

    Tracking number: en 03 676 7222 my
    En 03 676 721 my

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  • Ka
    Karen Wong Aug 15, 2018

    I posted my printer using pos malaysia. I shipped it using sea shipped. And it ended up my printer had broken! That's no point of using pos laju to send my item if you can't ensure the welfare of customers'property. It really so rude.

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  • Ts
    TsEn PiNg Aug 15, 2018

    My order 18060520186, due now haven't received, tracking no ER309898473my

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  • Ha
    Hairi Bob Aug 15, 2018

    Saya hanye mahu bertanya. Kenape sistem pos laju sekarang nie dah macam sampah. Banyak barang sangkut smpai 2 minggu tak sampai. Saya cadangkan tukarlah pos laju tu jadi pos biase sahaja dan tak berbaloi cas yang dikenakan tapi servis hancur. Please POS MALAYSIA perbaiki sistem cara kerja anda

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  • Ma
    Marvis Chen Aug 15, 2018

    I have called Pos Laju Customer Service Line 1-300-300-300 for several times, and listened to their annoying advertisement for more than half hour and at the end I gave up.

    Pos Laju has the worst customer service in Malaysia

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  • St
    Stiletto Hitam Aug 15, 2018

    What kind of services your company stand for. I tried so many times to email, called your Careline hotline but couldn't get through?!!

    Please refer and response my Email immediately. Why you guys keep my item for 1 month from June 4 until today????

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  • En
    Endre21 Aug 15, 2018

    Kindly please check my item. Gone missing.. Maybe taken by bunian.. EN236425838MY

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