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L Oct 08, 2018

To whom it may concern, October 8, 2018

In Feb of 2018 I purchased a 2018 Porsche Carrera S. from Walter Porsche in Riverside Ca. This was my first Porsche purchase and until that time had been my dream car.

After 3 months and 3000 miles a check in light appeared for which I tool the car into Walters for service. I was informed the car had "Rodent damage" to the wiring and would not be covered under warranty. This caused great distress and questionability being my two other autos sit right next to the Porsche and in the 14 years of living in my home I have never had Rodent damage, nor have I seen rodents. Following getting the car repaired I put several "Traps" in my garage as well as had a service come inspect garage. No signs of rodents were found and the traps have not caught anything other than a baby lizard.

A week ago, now being 6 months of owning this car yet another "Rodent" has eaten the wiring. Still to date I have not caught a single rodent.

In doing research it has been brought to my attention that Porsche is using a plant-based product to create wiring cases. This product seems to be like candy to rodents. It attracts rodents to it from everywhere, I can be at the market, out to dinner or even parked in my garage or driveway and this product seems to be an enticement to rodents. My question to you is how is Porsche handling insuring that customers are not buying this obviously inferior and ridiculous product? Is Porsche taking responsibility for such inferior choice in product and repairing cars to maintain the integrity that "Porsche" claims? Does Porsche expect clients to bring cars in every three months for issues of which the client has no way of deterring or protecting their purchase?

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding how Porsche is resolving this issue. You may contact Walters Porsche in Riverside California for photographs as well as history.

Lisa Riess
[protected] cc: Alan McGontish

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