Popular Mechanics Complaints & Reviews

Popular Mechanics / magazine

Feb 26, 2019

I have never ordered this magazine, and have called and requested it be stopped mailing to me: horace ramtahal 3351 marion street, apt 1, ft myers, fl 33916 I have already spoken twice with your company, and I am still having the darn thing mailed to me. To make matters worse, my mailman...

Popular Mechanics / pages falling out

Aug 26, 2018

Dear sir, I received the september issue of your mag which I enjoy. However when I got it out of the plastic and started to read it. The first couple pages fell out. I thought no big deal and continued more and more pages fell out. What is going on is their a glue shortage? Please send me...

Popular Mechanics / 1st subscription still not received since january

Jun 20, 2018

Case id: 36203035 Subscribed early 2018 and until today haven't receive even th 1st copy. Repeated emails to courtney, hallie and marolynn unfortunately ended with deaf ears. This subscription is a huge loyal 3-years but after 6 month, I am beginning to regret this move. For all you new...

Popular Mechanics / hurst publications

Sep 05, 2017

I have tried to stop any and all regular and "gift" subscriptions to no avail! There is no published phone number to make a human contact with. A bill keeps being sent to me for "gift renewals" that I do not want! How do I stop this? Customer service is a joke in that it will not service...

Popular Mechanics / magazine subscription

Jan 08, 2017

I am receiving 2 issues each month due to receiving past due billing notices from popular mechanics. Please discontinue and refund these 2 subscriptions Popular mechanics and hearst should be a trusted magazine publisher. These deceptive past due notices and required continuou...

Popular Mechanics / did not renew gift subscription (paid in advance several years)

Dec 08, 2016

I continue receiving "unpaid account invoice" with $34. Amount due. This is not an unpaid balance, but is listed as such. Each renewal I have paid in advance. I chose not to renew so ignored repeated letters "don't let your friends' gift end... Or forfeit your special savings rate... Just...

Popular Mechanics / scam or very bad customer services

Dec 02, 2014

Hi, I paid for a subscription in august, and never receive the magazine. I wrote three times to them explaining the case. They have a very very bad customer service, And this is the first and last time I do business with them. Francois dallaire 514 717.0594 I

Popular Mechanics / did not subscribe and are billing me.


I subscribed to popular mechanics for one year. They sent me an email to renew subscription. I didn't and now they are billing me for what? There is no phone number to contact them. No email address nothing in the way to dispute or contact anyone! It all seems shady to me. Who is running this company? I would sure like to get my hands on them!

Hearst Publications Popular Mechanics / coercive subscription tactics


I used to subscribe to popular mechanics, a magazine published by hearst an effort to keep within my budget, I decided not to renew the subscription. However, hearst sent me a bill anyway. Since I did not agree to renew my subscription, I did not pay the bill. Hearst then...