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M Aug 04, 2018

This complaint is about one of your dealers not your equipment. I bought what I thought was a used odes dominator 800 from one of your dealers Nate Lang, later I have learned that it is actually a BransonBoss. I was deciding between that and a 2017 Ranger come 900 4 seater, as much as I wanted the ranger I just couldn't afford it. Any way I bought the odes on April 10 I wanted power steering put in and as part of the agreement he would put it in for the cost of the parts only.I lived two hours away so he typed up a work order to do the work at the end of July when I would be passing through again on vacation, he told me it was just a quick procedure and I would be able to pick it up the next day so I could use it while on vacation. I dropped it off early on July 28, the work was to be done on July 30. Called on the 30th to see how it was going and it hadn't been touched. Called the next day and spoke to an employee and it became clear by the tone of his voice that my machine was not going to get serviced. When I picked it up on aug 3 on my way home from vacation my gut feeling was proven true as it sat where I dropped it off untouched. So I loaded it up and left. I am so disgusted with Lang equipment I have had this machine for 5 months and have 31 miles on it and $700 more put into it. I realize it's not your equipment and had I bought the ranger I would not be having problems I just thought you should know how this particular dealer conducts his business!

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