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L Dec 21, 2018 Review updated:

A guy named Erik ( [protected] on Plenty of Fish pretends to be looking for someone to marry. He claims that he is working in Dubai and has photos of himself (or someone) in Dubai. He uses the usual sob story that he's a widow, wants a mother for his son and tells women he loves them. He says he's extremely wealthy etc. Then he puts the screws in and requests money, saying his son's email has been hacked and he can't send him money or some lame excuse. I don't need any compensation; I just want him reported to protect others.

scammer using plenty of fish


  • Nothing worse than to find out that cliff058 from London is a good compulsive liar and cheat. His profession was not at managerial level. Looking for a good friend with benefits is the words that he should have used. Scamming money of people giving sob stories about his lonely life. Claiming to be divorced, but still has a wife and son at home and goes to family outings or events together. When confronted told me that she is terminally ill that she left him with a big debt. Still living a lie, then told me she's no longer in the picture. He'd only got back from holiday with her. Beware ladies! His trap is not set up straight away, asking for money is another thing but deceiving a lot of women per week and looking for a lot of fbuddies. This man is joke!

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  • He has a lot of Facebook accounts too! Dangerous man

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  • Cliff isn't his real name. Biggest scammer!

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    Donewithmen100 Jul 02, 2019

    So how do you go about reporting someone beacuse i heard anything over 300 you can prosecute and im so done people hurting and taking advantage of me how do i start legally fighting back ?

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