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Jul 19, 2019

plenty of fish was a great site now it is being destroyed. they delete people images and the ones that are meeting the criteria. the computer is running the company. the staff marcus is to blame . i feel sorry for all people who have been defamed by pof. no wonder when you ask around there... / Plenty of Fish / I have been revoked from uploading pic

Jul 13, 2019

When can I upload pic no ND why am I not aload to upload pictures. I have alot of men that sends me message and they don't have faces . When will I be able to load pic. Otherwise I might as well remove my account. Why did you revoke me when others have feet pic sunset. And alot of other... / Plenty of Fish / age limit

Jul 05, 2019

OK so in POF infinite wisdom they've decided guys over a certain age not allowed to contact girls below a certain age. Yet again more seism aimed at guys!! Not only that, but time and again a girl will appear in my searches, for me to take time to write a nice message, only for it to... / Plenty of Fish / Pof scam keith lamb 11

Jul 02, 2019

I was seeing this younger man as a friend i met on pof . He told me alot about himself which suprises me ! Hes mentally sick he robbed my car whileni was meeting up with him then toook off he scammed me out of money saying he can help people and sells bitcoins gets them from california hi... / Plenty of Fish / pof removing profiles for no reason

Jun 29, 2019

Extremely pissed off right now. It took me a long time to even think about getting back into the dating scene. I made an attempt this morning by creating a Plenty of Fish profile. Spent a lot of time describing who I am. Then later I try to login and my email/password doesn't work. The... / Plenty of Fish / dating site

Jun 29, 2019

I met and dated a member of plenty of fish, after 5 weeks 3 complete strangers, one was a relative of the victim made me aware he had been in prison for sexual offences and burglary, i since found out he is on the sex offenders register! I am disgusted that this is not something Pof check when... / Plenty of Fish / using the site

Jun 19, 2019

I think pof should be banned from the United kingdom they go against rules laws and do nothing to stop or prevent crimes or fraude they allow fake accounts to run wild but when my profile gets reported cuse some one says the pics not me i get deleted there sexiest in the way they allow... / Plenty of Fish / scam artist identity theft

May 23, 2019

Many fake sugar daddies on this site such as Jackson987 and Mott685John. Both look like criminals if you look carefully. They both emailed me saying that I'm very beautiful and want to be my sugar daddy and will take care of me. Both try to leer you by offering a weekly allowance. They... / Plenty of Fish / request of account removal

May 15, 2019

I contacted your services to request my account, username ladynicky, email [email protected] to be deleted since I couldnt reset my password. While waiting for this I decided to create another account in the meantime with email [email protected] and username ladynicky2point0. I spoke... / Plenty of Fish / pof profile boopee is noel devine from letterkenny

May 14, 2019

This man Noel Devine from Letterkenny has many different profiles on many different dating and adult sites. He is a prolific user of dating sites so he can lure in woman easily and take their money and abuse them. He is at present on bail for threats to kill a woman and he has inflicted... / Plenty of Fish / plenty of fish

Apr 25, 2019

1. On April 22nd at 5:25am in the morning, I received an email from POF stating that my username had been changed. As I was not the one who changed it, I immediately tried to login into my acct following the instructions in the email. I was not successful, so submitted 5 requests for... / Plenty of Fish / sexual predators

Apr 25, 2019

This dating site is full of sexual predators, sociopaths and narcassists. I was sexually assualted by one a week ago who is a doctor, using his status to lure women in to assualt them sexually. I complained to POF via email but they ignored me!! I would like Plenty of Fish to address the... / Plenty of Fish / deletion of accounts/lack of customer support

Apr 25, 2019

I have tried contacting POF customer service by email, through the help service and by email again. POF has you chase your own fix through help desk and doesn't reply to any emails. I am again requesting my accounts newlife306 and looknorthof49 both be deleted. I would delete them myself... / Plenty of Fish / online dating

Apr 23, 2019

My Account was hacked over a week ago & an imposter is using my identity. I have contacted the help desk via email several times & I've had no response. I'm not happy at all. Please can someone contact me & sort this out! The problem is with my original account...

[Resolved] / Plenty of Fish / fake account

Apr 17, 2019

There is a fake account of my girlfriend on this website with her pictures being taken from her Facebook account. The user name is ‘EmilyLou1992' The location is Liverpool There is a crime reference number which has been raised which is: NFRC190402913855 Plenty of fish have been emailed and... / Plenty of Fish / cyberbullying

Apr 10, 2019

I am aware that once you have been deleted you can not rejoine, my first account was a upgraded account and the 2 after we're not, but as I've not broken of your rules while using my account, I think it's unfare that the same man is following me around and reporting me so I get deleted, he... / Plenty of Fish / auto debit my account when i'm a free member

Mar 26, 2019

I joined POF online only as a free member only and I purposely didn't provide any bank account numbers or debit card information and sure enough I check my bank account and a large debit is pending. I typically check my account daily as well as having alerts on my account. Once I got the... / Plenty of Fish / fraudulent use of my image! will take legal action

Mar 18, 2019

My image is being used on your website at if it is not removed immediately I will contact the police and authorities. It's illegal to use someone's image and I will take legal action. Remove my image immediately my safety is at risk. I am not on this site & never have been... / Plenty of Fish / pof mental asylum

Mar 14, 2019

In all honesty there is not one single woman on this site who is not mentally ill, or a liar and a cheat. They want a relationship and the first chance they get they run a mile... Talk about schizo... None of these women on this site are sane, ergo why they are there. Total undateable... / Plenty of Fish / account deleted without reason

Mar 11, 2019

I've had my POF account for years, one day it was just gone. I've never been rude, creepy, or disrespectful to anyone on there, and I've blocked people who messaged me something crude or not what I'm looking for after they didn't read my profile. The few people I did have conversation... / Plenty of Fish / dating site

Feb 26, 2019

I am a victim of identity theft and have completed the FTC documentation and other documents for the state of Minnesota. I logged into plenty of fish and could not change my password as someone took over my account. I have emailed Plenty of Fish and have had no response. My screen name i... / Plenty of Fish / fraudulent profiles, phishing/scamming

Feb 26, 2019

I paid approx $80 for a yearlong subscription to POF. >95% of messages/views I receive are fraudulent profiles that are soliciting either sex sites or are phishing/scamming for my email address. I joined this site in the effort to meet actually real females!! POF has not responded to ANY... / Plenty of Fish / scam and rude member alert

Jan 28, 2019

Do not use this site at all there is unknown person that emails u and tells u you are ugly and no one will date u and to not press meet me button cause no one will respond to it and to give up on online dating do not use this service pof is 100% fake people I have not seen or met any one... / Plenty of Fish / pof signing up process

Jan 27, 2019

I have received an email to say I've been signed up. And now I'm receiving emails from random people. I did not sign up to use POF and do not want to be. I want my account deleted immediately and I want to know how my email has become associated with an account in this way?? Please get back... / taking money without my authority

Jan 23, 2019

I have just seen that has taken £38.70 from my account without any authorisation. I have not used the account in over a year and do not indend to. I am getting married in march and need every penny and you have taking 38.70 which is a lot of money for me at the mooment. I have just... / Plenty of Fish / imposter claims to be a doctor and a scammer

Jan 15, 2019

This gentleman is from Nigeria and lives in Fl . Goes by the name Leon but his real name is Nosakhare Osasu Idehen. His name on POF is DoctorloveMD. It is no longer on the site. He claims he is a doctor and and steals money from patients that he contacts online that come to him for health... / Plenty of Fish / pop up gift card

Jan 05, 2019

It thanks me for being a Sprint customer, I am not, and it keeps telling me that I have a Walmart gift card, requesting personal information to redeem. Total highjack of the page. I can't go back to previous page and cannot continue without completing the form and that is not going to... / Plenty of Fish / dating site

Jan 05, 2019

My account keeps getting locked out of my POF account for no reason and I can't get help anywhere. Their customer service phone no. doesn't receive calls and their email only responds with automated messages. I had to keep recreating a new account every time this happens. I can't even... / Plenty of Fish / unethical behavior

Dec 26, 2018

Mike Tully (Romantic03) ([email protected]) is a sexual predator who exposed himself to my little girl who was almost 10. He watches lots of very young teen porn, most look 14 or 15, some as young as 9, 10 & 11. The cops know to watch for him, but he just got on dating site... / Plenty of Fish / scammer using plenty of fish

Dec 21, 2018

A guy named Erik ( [email protected]) on Plenty of Fish pretends to be looking for someone to marry. He claims that he is working in Dubai and has photos of himself (or someone) in Dubai. He uses the usual sob story that he's a widow, wants a mother for his son and tells women he... / Plenty of Fish / direct debit

Dec 03, 2018

Hi there my name is Richard Hastie, I opened an account with you going off the subscription monthly amount. I have recently found out that you have taken the full sum for the yearly subscription, which has completely come at the wrong time of year. This was not my intention to pay for the... / Plenty of Fish / I have evidence of a fraud imposter on your dating site and I have all of his messages as well as profiles

Nov 29, 2018

Adrian Fort Myers is his username and he is a serious imposter from the UK apparently or who knows and he is preying on women in the severest ways such as pretending to send Parcels of gifts and sending misspelled invalid information of names addresses phone numbers and using the wrong... / Plenty of Fish / online dating account access

Nov 27, 2018

For 2 days, I have been unable to log on to my pof account, crazyhotmatrix as an error message keep appearing saying my user name or password is incorrect. I am not getting any email notifications of likes, or meet mes or messages to my email address for the same amount of time as well. Also, I... / Plenty of Fish / unauthorized billing and possible account hack

Nov 26, 2018

I was billed on the 25th of this month, November 2018, $51 for services I did not authorize. I am also locked out of my account and cannot get back in. I have tried several times to contact the service to no avail. Their listed numbers lead to shady mailboxes, nobody ever answers and their... / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

Nov 25, 2018

Fred Patterson 111 is posing as a person in the military and has been in contact with my cousin. Fred's address is 1908 E 19th St Lot W39 Lawrence-Kansas 66046. I know this bc I went with my cousin to help him send Fred $100 via Money Gram at Walmart. I told my cousin not to send this guy... / Plenty of Fish / deleted profile

Nov 24, 2018

I had a POF account in the UK with a user name of Toebackinthewater. linked to the email address [email protected] Today, 24/11/2018 I attempted to access the account and it appears the account may have been deleted. I have attempted to retrieve /reset my password which I know I... / Plenty of Fish / unethical behaviour

Nov 23, 2018

was contacted by a user that's going by the name straight line only, he gets all friendly with writing poems and nice things then says he has to go to Malaysia because he inherited money, on the way says his wallet was stolen then proceeds to ask for thousands of dollars and says he will... / Plenty of Fish / my account is being hacked over and over again

Nov 18, 2018

My email is being hacked on pof .plus password and messages deleted. pof will not contact me back. Many peo ple have complained they are taking money and not helping people with their account issues. I feel they are a scam site and take money but are not legitimate website. Can you please... / Plenty of Fish / profile scammer - he blocked me so I don't know how to complain about him

Nov 18, 2018

profile name is boardwalkbiker4u the picture is not the person messaging me or was messaging me - he took me off sight and his email address is [email protected] - his phone # is 720 532 5285 - he had excuses after excuses about someone hacking into his POF and etc..I noticed... / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

Nov 15, 2018

My name is Lacinda Nichols, i do NOT have a profile on POF. I have been getting messages. I believe it is my soon to be ex husband, Ricky which i has a restraining order against or his girlfriend Angela Gorr DOB 8/5/77 ADDRESS 444 meadow lane, Somerset WI 54025 phone # 651-434-1565...