Plumeria Swimwearrefund/customer service issues


Buyer beware plumeria swimwear/plumeria fze did not refund me $200 when I had received an email from them confirming they received the returned items (That I paid $100 to have shipped back). They did not even have the courtesy to respond to any of my emails requesting for my refund. I think what is even more troubling is that I have been in touch with the designer garbrielle cimon who also did not respond to my emails. Furthermore, their overall customer service was appalling. (1) they asked to the check back every 2 weeks for sizes for almost 2 months. (2) when someone did finally respond to my email they were extremely rude and unprofessional. Purchasing from them is not worth the hassle not to mention the fact that should you need a refund you may just not get one even though their terms and conditions clearly state that they will. I finally got a refund with the help of my bank. I also reported plumeria to the better business bureau and when the bbb got in touch with plumeria they did not respond.

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