Complaints & Reviews

Bikini top

Stay away from this company!
Bought a bikini for my girlfriend on their website, with credit card.
They mistakenly sent the wrong bikini top size. Told me I had to pay to return it and so I did, although it seemed strange to pay for their mistake. 1 month after sending it, got tired of waiting for a reply and emailed them. The package had never been received, was the answer. Sent them the tracking number, replied they still could not find it. Sent them the site for the courier, the answer was the same. Had to send a printscreen of the website for the answer to change. Offered to exchange or to refund on store credit. Told them I wanted my money back, they refused. Picked another bikini top to exchange, they replied I had to pay for the shipping, again. Furthermore the payment had to be made through PayPal. I do not own a PayPal and will not create one.
I just want my money back, or at the very least another bikini top, but I refuse to create a PayPal account just to pay them 10 USD for the shipping.


Bathing suit

I ordered 3 bathing suits from this company and only received 2 even though I paid for 3! I have been trying to contact their customer service for a week now and no response! On my eyes, this company is a scam and has completely ripped me off. I have never seen such horrible customer service in my life and they probably don't respond on purpose because they steal people's money. I am beyond furious and disappointed with this company and will now have to find a way to get my money back. How can a company take your money and get away with not delivering you the product your paid for!? Never will I ever order from this scam company every again!!

item never received when expected/ after contacting them I never received refund either

I placed my order on March 28, 2018 and paid expedited shipping but my order keep saying processing. I contacted them via email and they assured me within a week I would get the item. A week passed and i contacted them again and they said it was being made that week. I also noticed it was now on sale and they would not honor the sale price. After that I decided I just wanted a refund, which I was reassured that I would received. Now checking my credit card statement I see I have never received the refund. Terrible company and costumer service DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS PLACE


I want to say it now: I never wore a swimsuit they sent me.
It's easy to check.
1) it's unpacked
2) the reason for it: it's a different color (green instead of red) and even the swimsuit is a different one, not what I initially ordered.
I called customer service and asked what to do. They said I had to ship the swimsuit back and pay the shipping fee.
Ok, I did it. After 2 weeks I called them, knowing they received the swimsuit. They said: sorry, we can't refund, your swimsuit was worn.
Whatttttt? By whom?
I was scammed!!! I want my money back. — Terrible service

Their customer service doesn't exist. They never answer, always silent. Irritating. I have no idea about the status of my order: where is it? when are they going to ship it?...


Oh if I could only rate them 0 stars or less! I ordered a swimsuit using their scam "50% flash sale deal" back in April. I reached out to them on multiple occasions for a status update and got nowhere. They couldn't tell me why I was unable to access my account through their site to check the status, and they couldn't provide an ETA. I finally received this god awful swimsuit in JUNE! I then returned it and was told I could only be given a store credit. I tried to exchange it for something else and paid for shipping, yet again. I received my 2nd AWFUL swimsuit 1 month later! I returned the 2nd suit and I refuse to pay for shipping for a 3rd. I am reporting them and demanding a full refund for the 4 months of hassle I went through. I will NEVER do business with them again. STAY AWAY!!! The swimsuits look like they are made in china, but take double the time to receive. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

refund/customer service issues

Buyer beware plumeria swimwear/plumeria fze did not refund me $200 when I had received an email from them confirming they received the returned items (That I paid $100 to have shipped back). They did not even have the courtesy to respond to any of my emails requesting for my refund. I think what is even more troubling is that I have been in touch with the designer garbrielle cimon who also did not respond to my emails. Furthermore, their overall customer service was appalling. (1) they asked to the check back every 2 weeks for sizes for almost 2 months. (2) when someone did finally respond to my email they were extremely rude and unprofessional. Purchasing from them is not worth the hassle not to mention the fact that should you need a refund you may just not get one even though their terms and conditions clearly state that they will. I finally got a refund with the help of my bank. I also reported plumeria to the better business bureau and when the bbb got in touch with plumeria they did not respond.


I cancelled my order and PlumeriaSwimwear promised me a refund. When I contacted them they said that I'll get my money back within a couple of weeks but that never happened. I waited patiently and every time I contacted them they said that I need to contact my bank.
And few weeks later I received my order. I contacted PlumeriaSwimwear and asked what was the meaning of that and they claimed that I never asked them to cancel anything! What a bunch of cheaters. That is not a good way to do business!

PlumeriaSwimwearNo order

Ordered two swimsuits from PlumeriaSwimwear and never received them. I already gave up and I really doubt that someday I'll get them. This company is not trustworthy, they are real thieves and need only your money. They don't answer and there is no phone number to call. Terrible company! Avoid at all costs and save your hard earned money. I placed my order back in March and it is now May.

PlumeriaSwimwearWrong size

Ordered a cute bikini from PlumeriaSwimwear and they accidentally sent me the wrong size top, it was too huge. Contacted customer service and they promised to send me the right size top. The second top was too small so I reached them again and asked for another replacement but this time they refused. I was very disappointed and it was not my fault that they made one and the same mistake twice! Now I'm stuck with a bikini that I can't even wear! Total disappointment.


I made an order in early January. When I placed this order all items were in stock, so I was expecting to receive my order in 5-7 business days. Later I received a message saying my items were no more in stock. I tried to find their phone number and found out that these people actually don't have a number to call. Their live chat wasn't working either. I emailed them and never received a response. Then I went online and checked the reviews, found that PlumeriaSwimwear has many people complaining about the same thing on Facebook. Stay away from this scam site! This is not a reputable company.


I made an order in January. When I ordered everything was in stock, but later I received a message from the company stating that two of five items were out of stock. I went to their website and tried to find a phone number, and found out that they don't have a phone number to call! So I sent them an email but there was no response. I sent them many messages asking about the status of my order and asked for a refund and yet again heard nothing! Then I checked the reviews and found out that many people had the same problem and also that usually items are of a poor quality. Not sure what to expect. I'll never order anything from PlumeriaSwimwear again.