Plumbing Force07/10/2019 - boiler repair - ripped off - charge hourly rate so took time to do simple job

Charged me £360 just to clean a heat exchanger plate and put it back. An hours work but as they charge hourly labour the job was heavily milked by the engineer. My card details were taken before the job so I should have just put the phone down then. Once he had taken the heat exchanger out the engineer offered to replace the part for £187 on top of labour but as soon as I said I just wanted it cleaned he slowed right down. He ran the bath taps for an eternity and spent ages trying to clean the plate itself using the kitchen sink and then the garden tap - he should have had the equipment necessary already with him. He also explained to me that he couldn't get inside the filter as the lid was on 'too tight'... a qualified engineer! Absolute rubbish. After the job he then said that he need to check the gas and spent another 40 minutes doing that trying to tell me that the pressure was coming in at 0.3 over the bar it should be. He could see that I was busy with my baby in the house so he knew I couldn't check what he was doing all the time.

An hours job that should have been £150 maximum but I was charged over double.
The boiler had already been serviced in January 2019 so I'm not even sure if cleaning the heat exchanger was the issue or not. I feel totally ripped off and feel that the company are fraudsters.

Oct 07, 2019

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