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Plimus (Thru cc charges/theft


Here is the newest level of the insidious bottom feeders Plimus:

This AM I downloaded some software off of Amazon. Everything looked fine. It charged the purchase to the primary card listed in my account.

Twenty minutes later I get a phone call from one of my credit card banks letting me know that they just detected unusual activity on my credit card.

I called the bank and said, "HuhWhat???" They said that a company named had charged $200 to the account for internet software. There was also a weird $18 charge.

('s the really good part:)

I'm dumfounded because Plimus had not put those charges on the card I used for the $60 Amazon purchase...THEY HAD SOMEHOW HARVESTED THE INFORMATION OF ANOTHER CARD LISTED IN MY ACCOUNT AND SHOVED IT ON THAT!!!

My bank was so wonderful...A) in that I have enough history with them for them to have noted that and flagged it so fast, and 2) they took off the charges immediately and cancelled the card. doubly alert if you download anything and you have an account set up (like PayPal or Amazon) that you use frequently.


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