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An acct was made by a my name using my facebook info... They used their own email, because I woukd never had known unless an # at work who cheats on his wife didnt show me... Im in a relationship and it has caused irreparable damage.. This is all aspects.. I have now closedoff my f. B. Profile to the public.. It was a great tool for keeping in touch with home.. Not so uch now.. I love my boyfriend and some #tard has ruined that... They even used a pic from my f. B. On the site... Enough already... And it has taken the day for them to remove it... And they offered no info on the email of the # that #ed my life...


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    rollergirl1976 Sep 14, 2012

    My account just got re instated in error a friend of my boyfriends seen my account told him and my boyfriend just broke up with me! Do not trust pof they can ruin your relationship!

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  • Lp
    lparks15765 Mar 31, 2013

    i also have the same complaint. i discovered that someone had also used my info, address and pic and all my info on the site. It has ruined relationships, escpecilly with my boyfriend this site needs to be shut down.

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    POF phony Mar 20, 2015

    I have a complaint for POF. Fraudulent use of my pictures a phony user has made up a profile with user name AMBER2824. They have used a picture from FB which I have privacy settings set and has copied to POF made the profile up I have sent requests to have the profile removed and the persons IP address investigated from. There IT department
    This wrongful act on POF's part for not considering the damages they cause to parties outside of there site with no apologies whatsoever not even the decent respect to respond to the email that was put forth. Doesn't say much for POF owner
    Markus Frind

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