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I'm a graduate, before i enrolled ask what are the chaces of me getting a job. I was told that most are hired at their intern. BUT IF NOT THEY WOULD PLACE ME ON A JOB, said that they have a job placement program. I have been looking and interviewing for nearly six months. Only thing they have done was fax my resume and tell me to look on craigslist. What kind of job placement program is that. How are to pay back our loans without a job. I'm thinking we all should file a class action lawsuit .


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      Mar 26, 2013

    i think that Platt College engages in basically false advertising. they are not upfront with the fact that they are not ABA accredited. for someone who is trying to get ahead and to enhance their upward process, either they, being Platt, should be compelled to getting ABA accreditation. I didn't know they were not ABA accredited until about 6 months into their program, and because of this critical detail, i can't get employed in the area i paid 20, 000 dollars to learn about.

    i think that each and every one of Platt's former students that have been sold on this deception should file a class action against this college and anyone that would like to get together on this can call me directly. The certification is just a sheet of tree waste.


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      Aug 22, 2017

    @the desert fox I am will to get into the class action lawsuit, I went for Dental Assistant at Platt college received no help from them I have been looking for work since Feb 2017 my [protected]

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