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4:26 pm EDT
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To whom it may concern, I contracted with College Works Painting by Jordan Miller, from the University of Nebraska, Kearney, to paint our home this past summer. The crew began painting our home in June 2023. This contract included a two coat paint option, which was agreed upon with Jordan when I signed the contract. Some of the 2nd coat, higher...

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7:56 pm EDT

College Works Painting exterior painting of home

The reason people come here to post complaints about this organization is because if you try and post a negative review on their website, it never gets posted. I am sick about the paint job that was done on my home, it is horrific, I stopped them from continuing on July 10th, 2018 and there still is no resolution. They continue to lie about the surfaces being power washed and prepped prior to painting, they were not, I hired a professional painter to review the job, and he was shocked, he said that the surfaces were definitely not power washed or prepped and he just kept saying this is a joke, unfortunately, I guess the joke is on me. I also had the Sherwin Williams paint rep review the job, he said the same thing and took samples and said that they did not power wash or prep the surfaces to be painted. I received no satisfaction from the branch manager or the district manager, they just continue to lie. I was put in touch with the district manger's boss, Taylor Duncan and the first thing he said to me was I understand the house was powerwashed and prepped and you are not happy ! I was disgusted, especially since he knew that it was not, because he had talked to the paint rep that came and reviewed the job site. He also knew that they did not even have a tall enough ladder to prep or paint the second story. My neighbor said they used a short ladder with a roller attached to a 10' pole, so they clearly did not have the equipment to do the prep or the paint job, they actually rolled over my overhang vents and most ofthem are now painted closed orpartially closed. Taylor was supposed to call me back in a couple days, I never heard back from him until three weeks later, and that was only because I contacted the corporate office and told them I wanted to go to arbitration, he finally called me back that afternoon, I didn't take his call, I will not deal with liars or someone who is unresponsive! I contacted the corporate office again and told them I will not deal with liars and I want to go to reply back yet. What a joke, I think they think if they continue to not return your phone calls that you will just get tired of It and go away. I have also reported them to the Better Business Bureau and their response to the BBB was that we were working out a resolution! If any of you college students who have worked for them have any suggestions or know how I go about the arbitration process please advise. Worst organization I've ever dealt with, they lie, are unresponsive and no one is accountable.

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6:03 pm EDT
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College Works Painting exterior painting of my house - they took a deposit and vanished

They took my $1, 697 deposit over 2.5 months ago (3/31) and I haven't seen or heard from them since. They missed the appointment to pick paint colors and schedule the project in early May. I found out they had fired the guy who sold me the project. I finally called the guys boss (Riley Eichhorn) and left 3 messages. He never got in touch with me so I wrote them and told them to cancel the project. They said someone would get back to me to tell me about my refund. That was last month (5/31) and of course I haven't heard anything.

They are in breach of contract for non-performance as they missed the time frame to schedule a meeting to pick colors and a start date for the project. It was the next step in the process and was supposed to happen the first week of May. Their contract says they will return any money paid within 10 business day of getting written notice of my desire to cancel. I sent it and they confirmed they received it on 5/31.

I painted houses in college and really like the kid who sold me the project. I wanted to give him a shot like I got. I regret that now. Once they had my money everything changed and now they have just disappeared. Save yourself the hassle and don't do business with these guys.

What do I want?
One - I would like a full refund of my deposit and
Two - For my time and trouble I would like College Works Painting to donate $500 to the men's homeless shelter in Winston - Samaritan Ministries, 414 E NW Blvd, Winston Salem, NC [protected]. This doesn't cover the cost of my time but it is a good cause and they need the money.

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Update: Posted a similar review on other websites then wrote the Evacuative Officer and told him my story. Jeff Gunhus called within hours and said; 1) I would get a full refund, He would use this as a “teaching moment” for his organization and 3) He would make a $500 donation to the homeless men’s shelter in Winston Salem for my trouble. We were on the phone for less than a minute. I received my refund in the mail today. I’m glad the situation was resolved. Thank you Jeff for making it happen.

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6:01 pm EDT
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College Works Painting Painting

This place feels like a scam. The guy who came to the door seemed nice, and it seemed at first like an ok decision. He said that they would scrape the old paint and the painters would be professional.. But the guys who came definitely did NOT seem like professional painters. They did NO prep work at all -- no taping, no cleaning, nothing. The paint is now all peeling off, after only 3 months. I have scheduled 3 calls with their guys to come, and they don't show up (the last one admitted that he overslept). I told them that I don't want them to come out and fix it, because it is so bad and they have been so unprofessional and it is just a waste of time- I will just let them keep the deposit and we'll call it even, even though I need to have it repainted. I just now had one of the guys show up at my house at 8pm unannounced and essentially threaten me in front of my kids that they will take legal action if I don't pay the remainder (even though I haven't heard from him since the day he didn't show up because he overslept). Stay away from these guys. Sketchy at best.

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10:48 am EST
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My husband and I hired Collegeworks Painting to paint our Bethlehem, PA home in the summer of 2007. They did a good job and we were happy with the team of painters. The manager, Mike Rosales, was excellent with his workers and with his customers. The only complaint we had was that they started the job much later in the summer than they had told us they...

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3:26 pm EDT
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College Works Painting Do not hire them

I have absolutely nothing nice to say about this company. They took my deposit, breached there own contract, and deposited money without "ever" doing the work. They will not return phone calls! I am now persuing legal action. Do not under any circumstance hire this company. A minimum of 50 phone calls and messages and not "one" call back. Please, I can not tell you enough times to not go with this company, look elsewhere. There crooks! And they need to be put "out" of buisness! Customer Satisfaction is absent from this company! There are no principles at all. Do not hire this company to do your painting.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Happy Customer 2
Tempe, US
Oct 10, 2009 7:01 pm EDT

That is unfortunate that you had such a negative experience. I had a great experience dealing with my very own college works manager! He was very polite, charming and hard working! He even went out of his way to do the little things around the house. At that time I was in crutches so he was nice enough to help me take out all my trash and blow leafs off my property so the paint job stood out! I would recomend this company to anyone! It's unfortunate that you had a different experience than me. - Anne

Matt Stark
Irvine, US
Sep 28, 2009 1:42 pm EDT

College Works Painting believes we have dealt with this customer and dealt with their concern and refunded their deposit. The customer was June and Carlos and deposit was returned on 9/18. For purposes of privacey, we did not disclose location or last name. It is hard in an anonymous post to pinpoint who we need to help so please call us at [protected] if you need further assistance in this matter.

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