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Anaheim Campus
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3700 Inland Empire Boulevard, Ontario, CA 91764
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6465 Sycamore Canyon Blvd. Suite 100, Riverside, CA 92507

Platt College Los Angeles Complaints & Reviews

Platt College Los Angeles — school loans, I know it’s not the school’s fault...

My school loan was originally and roughly around $1, 000. Reasonable for an 1yr associates degree, it was the change of hands with the loan department and the increase at every change that was the problem. My loan, after a little struggle (the guaranteed job I was offered was at a car...

Tulsa Loans  · Jul 20, 2018

Platt College — school

I'm nine months into my program. These last two months I have been graded unfairly at clinicals by my instructor. Clinical packet grades have been no more then 79 this last packet I received a 92 finally. She still graded my packet unfairly due to the fact she was not there that Friday...

Non-profit Organizations  · Aug 04, 2016

Platt College — Education

I started this process with all the knowledge I could get on the school, I finished up the program for MA, took final state test, and was denied to take the phlebotomy test, instructor said to me, " you won't be using that so I'm not giving you the test", I paid for all of...

Colleges and Universities  · May 31, 2016

Platt College — bad college ripoff

My Opinion: Platt College Aurora Colorado 3100 S Parker Rd [protected] This is the worst school in all of America. Flawed, overpriced, worthless nursing school with corrupt and evil staff. Gerald Sirbu is the owner and everything. If he does not like you, he will blackball you and get you...

Platt College — false advertisements

I'm a graduate, before i enrolled ask what are the chaces of me getting a job. I was told that most are hired at their intern. BUT IF NOT THEY WOULD PLACE ME ON A JOB, said that they have a job placement program. I have been looking and interviewing for nearly six months. Only thing...

Platt College — fraud

During my admissions interview I grilled the representative about accreditation and credit transfers. I was assured they were "fully" accredited. After completing the program, however, I am unable to transfer my credits anywhere in oklahoma! They are not accredited by the oklahoma board of...

Platt College — Practical Nursing Advisor

Platt CollegeI called them to inquire about their practical nursing program. After calling twice and waiting 45 minutes to get a return call that never came, I called them back. I was transferred to a man named David who, honestly, had the telephone personality of a wet mop. The man was as monotone and...