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My trip today was completely ridiculous! Nothing but lazy, smart mouth, kids I took three bags of clothes in there all new still with tags on them bought within the last 6 months and they told me it would take 30 minutes, I ran next door to get something I was gonna no less than 10 minutes when I came back the clothes were still in the exact same place I left them and the bags were not even opened, the girl behind the counter told me that they would have to pass on all my items because they were older than 18 months.. They didn't even look at them the clothes were in the bag just like I put them in there, I will never go to another plato's closet!!! And I will make sure anyone I know takes there business elsewhere, they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced, what happened to the customer comes first, nothing but kids who sit behind the counter, or outside smoking when I pulled up none of them were in the store they were outside talking to another group of kids.


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    AmandaPandaber Sep 19, 2012

    I have been in the store in Utica, MI several times and I will NEVER go there for my business. First of all I got to the store at eight o'clock pm and had two laundry baskets full of recently bought items. The girl behind the counter said that they stopped taking in clothes at eight o'clock. Now I have been in this store a few times before and no one has said anything about eight o'clock being the deadline. So she said it would take twenty minutes to look at the items. Now after ten minutes I looked at the counter and the bag wasn't moved or looked through. Ten minutes later I got called up to checkout. They only took four items out of everything that I had just recently bought. I explained to them that everything was bought either a couple weeks ago or within the last six months. They only gave me $10 for those four items which made me start to fume. Now things that I bought were still in style and I told the girls that. Their response was that it wasn't gonna do any good to sell the rest of the items there because it wouldnt give them any business to sell clothes that were "out of style." Now I am a shopper so I look for current styles and I know what is in style. These clothes were certainly in style. I have never been so mad and for this to be my fourth time in the store and still get the same response is just bulls***. I am telling everyone I know not to go to the store in Utica anymore because they are just pure LAZY AND DISRESPECTFUL. So congrats Utica store you just lost another customer.

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