Plato's Closetbad customer service from manager

M Jul 16, 2019

I bought an item off the clearance rack. The tag was colored in with the clearance color. The cashier rung me up wrong, I was a bit distracted so I noticed as I was putting my change away, and I was still standing at the counter. I said, "I think you rung me up wrong" as I pulled the item back out of the bag and showed her. She said sorry, she was scatter brained, and she would give me a store credit. I said no, I paid you in cash and you rung me up incorrectly, I want my money back. She still refused, said it was store policy no cash back. I said again, "you rung me up incorrectly, and you are telling me you won't give me my money back? I want to speak to a manager". She said she was the manager. She then said, "I'll make an exception this time". An exception to what? Terrible experience. I still don't even think she gave me the correct amount back. You need to find new managers, absolutely terrible customer service. You can't even ring up an item the correct price and then you are going to try to refuse me my money back? I won't be shopping this location again.

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