Platinum Millennium Publications / Writers Liferepeated unauthorized deductions from my credit card

S Aug 13, 2018

29th April 2018 £0.74
13th May 2018 £51.67
12th June 2018 £52.59
12th July 2018 £52.93
11th August 2018 £53.24

On, or about, 29th April 2018 I followed a Facebook advertisement for a writing course on a .pdf downloadable file offered by a company calling itself Writers Life. The price of the file was US$27.00. After the purchase other things were offered such as writing for specific target audiences, ALL of which I refused, clicking "No Thanks" each time. I was given access to the file on their website and this was the first and only time I accessed the website until discovering they had been charging other payments to my credit Card.

I have received almost daily email, amounting to spam advertising from them since. A white A4 envelope was delivered to my address in the UK (date unknown)from WritersLife posted 5th May 2018. It had a single flimsy piece of card inside, similar in quality to the side of a Kellog's Corn Flake cereal box single or two colour printed on one side with a quote something like "Keep Calm Warning writer at work bystanders are likely to be written into the plot". The address label declared its value as $1.00. I discarded the card as being worthless but kept the envelope to put some loose receipts in for my expense account.

On the weekend of 20-22nd July I accessed my Credit Card account online as I had noticed that the statement balance was not as expected. Reading the statements online enabled me to see that there were several deductions from a company indicated as PLATINUMMILLENNIUMPUBLIS I did not recognise the name but a search of their number revealed it as PLATINUM MILLENNIUM PUBLISHING have to date submitted the 5 UNAUTHORISED charges listed above (I have not included the $27.00 on 29th April 2018 that was the only purchase I actually made.

I phoned the phone number on the credit card statement +[protected] and a man that sounded half-asleep or under the influence answered the phone and seemed to know who I needed to talk to and re-directed me to +[protected]. I phoned the number and got a recorded message answering as Writers Life, I left a message, that message was never returned and I have since tried it 2 times more but still no human has answered or contacted me.

I did not click any extra components to my $27.00 order for the writers course and also I remember that, at the time, I was very careful about this. I certainly did not order a sign!

I have also reported this to my Credit Cards fraud department as I believe this is an intentional act of theft by PLATINUM MILLENNIUM PUBLISHING.

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