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May 15, 2019

I signed up for the 2 week free trial on and subscribed to the $19.99 a month plan when I got my bank statement they charged me $34.99 causing an overdraft I have tried calling several times but it either rings and goes to a busy signal or says my wait time is more than an... Operations Inc. / dna test appears to be a scam. no answer after two months, can't contact them either to complain.

Jun 13, 2018

Since I was curious about my Native American DNA, I decided to see what other genes I had in my family's past. I sent off for my DNA test from and took the test over 8 weeks ago. I did all of the registering and took the test and sent it in to be processed. Well, it has been... Operations Inc. / rip off

Dec 05, 2017

I had a subscription to ancestry, paid for monthly. I searched and collected information on my family trees. Now I can't view them or print because I no longer have a subscription. I feel I collected the information and paid for what is on my family tree and I should be able to view and... Operations Inc. / dna testing

Sep 18, 2017

I sent in a DNA sample and received the results. DNA does not have anything to do with my heritage except that it matches my paternal naming convention. The 23 chromosomes I received from my mother should contain 11 or 12 from grandfather (100% Swedish) and 11 or 12 from grandmother... Operations Inc. / I was charged for a subscription I never did

Sep 08, 2017 Operations Inc.My wallet got stolen with my debit card in it and someone who must know me and my info use it and purchased a account I wasn't aware of this and I already talked to my bank they told me to contact u guys and get my money back because it wasn't my doing my account was charged a couple day... Operations Inc. / monthly charge for subscription

May 22, 2017

I had an account I cancelled Aug 2015 over the phone. I could not understand why Ancestry was still billing me. It was something every month I told myself for the last 22 months to find out why. I just spoke to them because I could see my account however as a guest. The answer... Operations Inc. / ancestry services and trials

May 01, 2017

I entered my CC information for a trial subscription to I did not use the service but one day. I did "Attempt" to cancel my subscription, however, the cancellation process via the website takes you through three different prompts before it actually cancels. Needless to say, I... Operations Inc. / Ancestry needs to give me a refund.

Dec 27, 2016

In june 16 2016, I paid $106 for 6 month account. My credit card was charged on june 16 2016 as well. What I didn't realize is that on december 16 2016, My credit card would again be charged for another 6 month term. I read some of the tac but not all. On december 18 2016, I realized I had... Operations Inc. / DNA tests

Dec 08, 2016

I submitted a sample to be tested for my ancestry and a seperate one for my mothers. Mine came back 100 % European. It's been long past the 8 weeks they said it would take for my mothers. The commerical shows a pie or breakdown of your nationalities. 100% European could be many different... Operations Inc. / Fraud for service never asked for and was charged

Sep 06, 2016

Hello my name is Marisol Colon. My gmail is javier.[protected] I found out by my bank that i was being charged by Ancestry for service. Back in September I visit the site as a broswer, but never assign or took the free trail given. i never gave my bank account to them. I actually... / I have no idea who these people are

May 07, 2013

I was checking bank balance and saw the charge from I have no idea who these people are and why they have taken my money. It is a pending charge but still they had no right to take or try to take money from me. What kind of action will you throw against them?