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Planet DVD Storepirated/fraud

This company is a Fraud I ordered both seasons of High Incident costed just over $100.00 to get here. The dvds are copied off of television "Fox 8" to be exaact, they are burnt copies and the dvds were put in an old vhs plastic case with a cheap graphic logo that was printed off a computer. I was sucked into this the pictures of the dvd cases looked nice on the website and it guaranteed best quality, brand new dvd sets. I hope no one else gets sucked into this because not all the episodes work they glitch and freeze. When searching i never found this complaint board and i wish i did so i wouldnt have lost 100$ and i deleted my account off there. I wish someone would shut this company/website down bc they are scandaling peoples money and the worst part is there is no return address to send it back to.

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    • Sk
      skamkiller Mar 15, 2009

      Report them to the MPAA, which investigates film piracy (

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    • Gm
      GMiller Mar 31, 2009

      I ordered the Laverne and Shirley TV series and when I got them some of the discs were exact burned copies of the released seasons right down to the menues and graphics and some of them were recorded from broadcast tv also they clam that they are unedited that is plain not true I have seen some of the unedited shows and there is things missing I have reported the copying to the MPAA

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    • Sc
      SCAMMED JIM Apr 07, 2009

      Has anyone turned these people into the better business buearu yet??? I am at the end of my rope with these scam artists! I ordered the Cybill DVD set for my mothers birthday and got Caroline in the City, and can not get a hold of ANYONE to return this, I guess if I could read Chinese I could, Grrr. Calling my credit card company as I type this.

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    • As
      AshleyAngry Apr 08, 2009

      Looks like I am too late too. I bought The Practice DVD series and I have yet to see it. I have contacted them several times and no response. Scam!!! Has anyone got money back from their credit card company??

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    • No
      Nordrog May 02, 2009

      I too just got robbed by these ###...
      They are theives
      Total crap copies
      they do not work
      i lost $88...
      no return address
      no response to my e-mails
      they give on buying a bad name
      i am pissed off and i wish i could do something

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Planet DVD Storepirated dvds from china

    I ordered "Carol Burnett & Friends - The Complete Series" and got ripped off like everyone else. Package from China, no return address, surprise international service fee, program pirated from cable's TV Land, discs unplayable, $48.00 lost. I sent multiple emails to them but got no response. Then I Googled their alleged business name, DVD Mania LLC, and among the results was a link to this site and all the complaints posted by other people. My thanks to all of you for confirming that I've been duped - I cancelled my debit card immediately. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM PLANET DVD STORE which is the same as DVD Mania, TV DVD mania, and Best DVD Series. Not only are consumers being ripped off, the products being sold are counterfeit copyrighted material. I filed a formal complaint online with the Internet Crime Complaint Center,, and encourage others to do the same. At least it's SOMETHING we can do and if they get enough complaints then maybe it will help put a stop to the criminal Planet DVD and all its fraudulent affiliates.

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      • Fo
        ford06man Mar 15, 2009

        I was suckered into that as well i bought both seasons of High Incident and it was done off cable tv "fox8" to be exact i hope no one else gets sucked into this cause i lost 100$ on this one and it makes me angry someone can do that and take peoples money. I was surprised after reading these complaints that they sent out the product.

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      • Tv
        TV-DVD man Mar 29, 2009

        I just bought the full 11 seasons of 7 Heaven on DVD, but only got seasons 1-7 and some of the disk were bad; not to mention what I got looks nothing like the picture on TV DCD Mania website.

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      • Sw
        swindled sooz Apr 10, 2009

        I live in the UK, I bought the entire series of SISTERS from these people as I have never seen it for sale via a reputable site over here. They never showed the series in UK but I saw it when I lived in Norway 15 years ago. I missed the final episode as we had to leave to come back to England.

        It was obvious when then the discs arrived that they were pirated copies. Made from very bad video recordings with a frayed bottom on the picture. The second disc I tried would not even play in my machine. There are 49 discs all useless.

        I am contacting my credit card company to see if they can help me as the contract between the American advertised company was with them as I used their card. I was worried when the discs arrived with postage from China.

        Does anyone know if the series Sisters was ever released on DVD by NBC?

        swindled sooz

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Planet DVD Store — frauds!

      Do not buy anything from here ! I have made the mistake of doing so with along of many others there is no...