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Philips International Complaints & Reviews

Avent / bad quality

Nov 13, 2018

Hi I have purchased an avent colic reduction bottle for my baby . I'm utterly disappointed with the product as the bottle leaks more than any other bottle I have used for my baby, no Matter how well you close the bottle the bottle still leaks when my baby is drinking the bottle more milk...

Avent / bottles

Nov 13, 2018

First let me say I have always used and enjoyed avent products until now. I have had an issue since my twins were born. I purchased bottles every month as normal, but in between I buy new nipples if I can not afford the whole pack. So far every time I have purchased the nipples they...

Phillips / electronic shaver

Nov 9, 2018

Hi.i went to ibn c4 yesterday 8november I have enough knowledge about the electric shaver of Braun latest model but because of wrong information from your promoter of Phillips (with glasses) the lady wants me to buy a philips which I don't like but she is forcing me to get the end...

Avent / baby bottles

Oct 27, 2018

Hello I am a single mother that has used and only purchased your product and lately have not had good experience with my purchase the 4 bottles I had bought were all used looking marks on all bottles as if they have been dropped many times or have been out of the box sitting somewhere than...

Avent / steriliser bottles

Oct 24, 2018

Let's start with a positive, the electric expresser is brilliant! However, Unfortunately I have had x 2 problems with the bottles and the steriliser is a pain and keeps burning after only one use! In regards to the bottles, my first complaint is about one that leaked all over whilst shaking and...

Avent / soothers

Oct 16, 2018

My child is 2 years old and sucks Avent soothers and recently he has chocked on the clear soothers which is very scary for me I didn't know they were small enough to choke on and should be made bigger because some other child might not be as lucky that I was around my son when he choked...

Avent / nipples of anticolic bottles

Oct 12, 2018

I just bought for my 5 day old baby 2 packs of the anti colic bottles. Today when I was about to feed him I noticed the top of the nipple looked strange. A piece of plastic at the top of the nipple had popped out (which is a choking hazard and my baby could have sucked that piece of...

Avent / avent 4oz bottle

Oct 8, 2018

The bottle was perfect for my baby girl in the beginning that I decided to buy 6 bottles to stock up but after 1month and 1/2 the bottle started to leak from the nipple itself I thought it would be the way I put it together but no unfortunately it's the nipples defect I'm very disappointed...

Avent / avent bottles

Sep 22, 2018

Hello, I am a new mom and I received many of your 4 oz and the 8oz bottles for gifts and before my baby was here, my husband and I cleaned them and put them away in our cabinet. Once our baby was born and we had to use formula we started to use your bottles, and every single one leaks from...

Avent / avent baby bottles

Sep 7, 2018

I have purchased a baby bottle gift set and the lids will not screw on correctly they just keep spinning instead of tightening! Could the box be defective? I do not any longer have the box, but they were purchased from a local walmart store in clarksburg wv, Could it be possible to get a...

Avent / avent baby bottles

Aug 13, 2018

I used Avent bottles 9 years ago with my first born and it was great. I chose to use it again a year ago with my second child however I am very disappointed this time as the top got worn out and now doesn't stay on her bottles. Also the measuring numbers are disappearing as well making it...

Avent / avent newborn gift set

Aug 12, 2018

I had recently brought the avent anti colic newwbern beginner set for a shower the new mother has let me know she was missing a brush bottle and nipples and another thing I never thought to look since I brought it at Walmart and now it's been two months I have no clue where receipt is and...

Avent / bottles

Aug 5, 2018

No matter how many bottles and nipples I keep changing the milk drips and soaks my sons clothes. I've tried removing and readjusting the nipples to try and see if this would help, but no it didn't. This is a waste of my time and money. I should be reimbursed for the bottles so I can buy...

Philips International / smart tv

Jul 23, 2018

Purchased a 49" Smart TV from Walmart less than 9 months ago with a 1 yr warranty. It suddenly stopped working. A phone call to their customer service got me nothing but a run-around. They require pictures of the TV before they can do anything!?! Even though I requested to speak with a...

Avent / avent feeding bottle

Jul 10, 2018

I want to find out from you guys if its normal for the avent bottle to turn brownish in color after 4 months of use?l have used this bottle for my 8 months old son, l love the new teats he adjusted to them just fine.The only problem l have is the color change of the bottle.l tried...

Philips International / fc9532/09 vacuum cleaner

May 2, 2018

At the end of September 2017 I received the cleaner as a gift, the part of the Philips vacuum cleaners hose used for the 2nd use just broke. This pricey machine is really poor quality and non ergonomic also. I demand an urgent change, I am surprised at that kind of production quality still...

Philips Smart TV 43 Inch / netflix app not available in spite of confirmation by sales agent that it is netflix able

Mar 9, 2018

This happened only last night, I was so disappointed that I have been fooled by the sales person of sharaf dg in deira city center in tv section. I bought a smart tv with an initial query if this tv is netflix able because thats the reason why I want to buy the tv. The sales person, in...

Avent / avent 18m+ dummies

Jul 30, 2017

I purchased Phillips AVENT dummies for my son who is 18m, I have just gave him a drink when taking his dummy away you can see part of the teat has broken, these are supposed to be for 18+ babies, my son could have chocked on this dummy, I am mortified that this has happened and could have...

Philips International B.V. / iron

May 22, 2017

Iron Model # GC4860 was defective. First complain in March. Philips service partner Rocky Agencies Gopalpuram, Chennai, India came home on April 4 and Vignesh (+91 9789042133) collected the iron to repair. Investigation money was also paid by us. Multiple calls to Vignesh- No response...

Avent / avent pacifier

May 22, 2017

Good Day Please note that I have been purchasing my Pacifiers from avent since day one, my son is now 9 months old. I have in the last 5 months purchased 4 pacifiers which are all 4 broken in a form of a tear in the silicone and on the same place each time. This is not due to biting as he...

Phillips 66 / Problems with gas lever causing gas spilling

Feb 10, 2017

On 2/10/17, my daughter's birthday, I stopped by Phillips 66 to put gas into my vehicle. As I proceeded to put gas into my vehicle, I noticed that something was slightly off, the gas would speed up and then slow down, I didn't think nothing of it because I assumed that my tank was getting...

Philips Electronics / Philips electronics 55 inch smart tv from walmart black friday 2016

Jan 29, 2017

I purchased a Philips electronics 55 inch smart TV from Walmart black Friday 2016. If first or the first thing I had trouble with the remote when I called the number for customer service for Philip electronics the recording said if you bought a 55 inch smart TV from Walmart on Black Friday...

American Hawk Security - Philips Coffee - Denver Colorado / Security guard

Nov 16, 2016

What out for American Hawk Security and Philips Coffie from Denver Colorado. These guys are total scammers, they wont show up to the job, will tell you they will refund you but wont. I hired Philips Coffie and American Hawk Security to do a basic security job, I made a point that...

Magnavox / Philips LCD TV / Magnavox 32" led television

Aug 30, 2016

I bought a Magnavox 32 " 32ME3030V/ F7 television 1 year and 8 months ago. While watching it, the picture went black and the green light turned red.. I tried turning back on and the red light blinked a few times and then stayed red.. No picture.. I unplugged for a few hours.. plugged back...

Phillips / Power surge blew tv and cable box

Nov 5, 2015

Warning about phillips surge protector doe not work when contacting phillip they told me to contact store i bought surge protector from i got the run around and blame game so i am out a 500 dollar tv and surge protector thanks to phillips garvage our family and many families will never buy phillips products again sorry phillips you lost this time.

Philips / Philips Smart TV gets hanged

Feb 23, 2015

I bought a Philips 46pfl4908k model smart TV. It is so slow so that it need 15-20 seconds to change the channels. When I try to change the channels one after another, the TV gets hanged and I have to unplug it and than turn on again. When I open it, it takes about 2 minutes!!! I called...

ayso phillips ranch / not for the kids for the money

Oct 31, 2014

So we were supposed to start the season on August 1st i called to see what is going on because haven't heard from them i had already paid months in advanced i called around the first week of August they told me its going to start later in the month practice, meeting the coach and such...

Philips / Philips isn't interested in customer satisfaction

Mar 1, 2014

Last year I bought a handy vacuum cleaner from Philips Turkey. In December 2013 I had some problems with the suction and took it to the service. I was told that the filter had to be changed and I had to pay for it. I confirmed it. For nearly a month no one got in touch with me. Philip...

philips electric razor / no exchange or return with receipt

Jan 8, 2014

this year i had purchased items that i dont usually purchase from SDM...electronics...usually go to BESTBUY or FUTURESHOP...but short to experience bad return & exchange policies. when i went to a store near by during the crazy storm week, i was advised by cashier and mgr on duty that even...

Philips / Faulty product

Oct 20, 2013

Bought Philips stand mixer HR1565/40. Faulty product as both beaters grind against the base of the plastic bowl leaving heavy deep scratch marks. Very noisy because of this. Returned product to service center and told them to keep me posted. One month passed, no response. Called them and...

Phillips / Refund on defective Phillips DVD player

Jun 10, 2013 ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Paul FitzPatrick <[email protected]> To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> Sent: Sunday, 2 June 2013...

Philips Lifeline / These products are no good because they don't work outside the home

Jan 15, 2013

These products are no good because they don't work outside the home. When my dad goes for a walk, it doesn't do anything for him. What good is an automated fall detection system if it doesn't work outside of my house?? Why can't I put something on my dad's iPhone??...

PhilipsLED TV / Jarring speaker, worthless service center

Dec 10, 2012

This is regarding to my utter dissatisfaction over an 32" LED TV (32PFL6357/V7) purchase that I made on 3rd Nov'2012 from Chopra Enterprise (Philips Arena, Kolkata). The set had been installed on 5th Nov'2012 and on that very day I pointed the sound problem (the speakers were...

Philips Lifeline / machine malfunction

Sep 6, 2012

Philips Lifeline User's Manual: Claims on page 5 In Certain Situations, the Auto Alert Help button may not detect a fall. A gradual slide from a seated positions-such as a wheel chair-may not register. page 6 states:The autoalert help button provides an added layer of protection by...

Philips Singapore / Fire Hazard

Jun 25, 2012

Philip's Diva iron Meltdown - Potential Fire Hassle and totally irresponsible. Melt down of Philips Diva iron, how can it happened to this extend!!! Think of it, it is extremely serious and can be disastrous. It can catch fire anytime With all the clothing around when one’s i...

Philips Avent / Dangerous Product

Jun 21, 2012

Philips AVENT Sippy Cup with FLIP LID I have just started using the Philips AVENT Sippy cup with flip lid from Avent. My son was drinking from this earlier when he bought his arm up and the lid flipped straight back into his eye. He was hysterical and I was ready to set fire to the thing...

Philips AccentLED / Broken expensive LED bulb

Apr 2, 2012

Today I bought a 3W 170 lumen LED bulb intended for a 20W 12V light fixture with G4 type fitting for a 20W T3 halogen light. The bulb item number 821434, Model 3G4-I, bar code 046677418397 was purchased at Home Depot for a total of $14.98 including tax. I bought it - because 170 lumen i...

PE ELECTRONICS LTD ( / Philips Worst After Sales Service ---LCD Model ‘24PFL4505/V7' LCD TV – Philips Make

Jan 16, 2012

Sub: LCD Model ‘24PFL4505/V7’ LCD TV – Philips Make/purchased on 15/2/2011(Bill via Book No.265/Sr.No.13223 DT:15/2/2011) from Sachdeva Electronics (P) Ltd, A-4/37, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi Dear Sir, We are having problem with LCD DISPLAY with this TV and for this we...


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