Philippine Airlinesmy flight was cancelled and nobody informed me until I was seated inside the plane

Dear maam/sir

Good day!

I am Cristy Davila, I am one of your passenger yesterday from Iloilo bound to Manila- connecting flight to Dammam with flight details (reference number WIQLFP, i booked a flight last March 2019, airbus PR 2140 from Iloilo to Manila and Manila to Dammam stating yesterday's date which is October 11, 2019).

I intend to send you this letter for you to be informed of the hassle and embarasment your company had caused me during my flight from Iloilo to Manila.

My supposed flight to dammam aforementioned, was canceled and moved on to the next day. I did not received any email regarding this changes and nobody from your customer service representative or from whoever is responsible for the cancelation inform me about this.

I was already in the airport, had my boarding pass with me and seated inside the plane when one of your crew approach and informed me that my flight bound to Dammam was cancelled. I got no choice but to get off the plane in-front of other passengers. Otherwise, i have to go on that flight and will wait for 1 day at the airport, and that would be exhausting.

I do not wish to call how irresponsible your customer service is for not informing me ahead, but yet, it is apparently disappointing. Mistakes can sometimes inevitable, but that cannot justify how such information cannot be delivered. Moreso, this flight is international.

REASONS BEHIND THE CANCELATION IS ACCEPTABLE, but the matter is, you failed to inform me, which caused embarrasment inside the plane, arguments and settlement. Failed plans, schedule changes for my duty back in dammam, re-scheduling for driver, effort, money, time and the list goes on. All these are affected and should have been arranged if you had only informed me ahead of time.

May this letter lets you realize how one information could change and affect a lot of things. May this improves your services rather than justifying your failure as it could not be construed as valid, given that such failure caused me big time.

Oct 11, 2019

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