Today I went to refill petrol as per usual. I did apply auto mode on the nozzle. So, I went around my small car and checked car's tyres pressure. I was not aware the petrol was overflowed and the auto mode was totally malfunction. So, I quickly removed nozzle auto mode but the petrol was fully cover my left rear tyre and the floor. I quickly went to Petronas on duty personal and told them the issue. However, they claimed it were happened to few cars as well. I told them to use cable and lock the nozzle, so noboby can use it. The Pak Cik (looks like owner of station) told me that you must attend the nozzle and don't let it alone. He claimed that I was unlucky and misused the nozzle. I was blur. I use the nozzle so frequent in different brands petrol station. I never face this issue. Furthermore, they refused to tight the nozzle and leave other customer in dangerous condition. Does Petronas really care my safety as a customer? Or I am a small car driver, so my safety was not important.


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