Petco Animalstreatment of animals

P Aug 01, 2018 Review updated:

At the West Saint Paul Minnesota Petco the care of animals is not appropriate. There is a Manager in that department named Myria and ever since she started the area with the animals have gone downhill. A canary died because no one gave it water for a week. A hamster died because two male hamsters were put in the same habitat. The cages are not cleaned properly, old food sits in the habitats, and their is a catfish that was in the wellness room that no one feed him because they didn't know how to feed them. She also sold the wrong kind of lightbulb to someone and it burned a chameleon. Her manager Don does not like animals and knows nothing about there care. Things are reported to him by employees there that he doesn't follow through on. If the situation does not improve I will be forced to call aspca or some type of animal protection agency.


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