Perry,s Vauxhall Wheatleycustomer service

on buying a car from perry, s 4/12/09 friday i took it home & 1 hour later i took r lass 2 work on the A1 as i got to 70mph the steering wheel shook it, s nut, s off so i took it back the next day after work & they got it in on the monday two balance the wheel, s & blow the tyer, s up they had 20psi in them which made it float all over the road 9 week, s later it started misfiring & the engine service light came on so i took it back & they said the service light doesant mean owt so the next day i came back again same problem no power light on again so they booked it in & with in an hour of getting home they phoned me & told me it was the exhaust egr valve which is a comman fault on the car & my £500 silver warranty doesant cover it which they was trying to charge me £212 the part is £67 i got 1 from the breaker, s for £58 & lost a day, s wage to fix it myself ! so i would advise people to stay clear of perry, s in doncaster coz your warranty mean, s nothing !

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