C Nov 15, 2019

I would like to report an aggressive driver. The driver was a male. License plate number 796 7CS issued by the state of Florida. He was driving a Pepsi truck. He was in the left lane, I was in the right lane. My lane merged into his and as I did he got very aggressive and almost ran me off the road. I was surprised he reacted this way as I had not "cut him off" nor did I do anything else that would have been considered aggressive driving towards him. As I continued to drive he was driving very close to the rear of my car and at one point tried to go around me even though he was not in a lane at all and getting very close to hitting my car. At one point he actually did go around me and once again, came extremely close to hitting my car. Then proceeded to slam on his brakes I suppose in an effort to try to make me hit his truck. I was doing my best to diffuse the situation and not traveling close to the rear of his truck. I decided to make a right hand turn in an effort to just get away from him. I would be surprised if this driver does not have any other driving complaints. He was obviously very angry and driving very aggressive for no reason, if there is a reason to act like that. I feel you need to be informed of this incident as it was a very scary situation to be in.
Thank you,
Heather Albanese

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