Penske Corporationthe car carrier

I'm making this complain because the rental of your truck and car carrier for our relocation from Texas to Florida started off horribly and ended horribly. The first problem was the facility we started at in Garland Texas gave us a truck infested with red ants i mean infested and I am allergic to them. Thank goodness I didn't ride in the truck with my husband as we were told to go to the main facility to get padding for our television that they didn't have. The people at the main facility were accommodating and said the truck was unacceptable. So they gave us a different truck and told us we could use a car transporter through them. They also gave us a discount. We were satisfied. All was well until we got to Florida to unload at storage facility. The jack handle or whatever it's called broke as we were trying to unhitch car transport. It was not due to operator error. We called for roadside service and they sent a service called boss idk they fix tires . However they looked inside the jack and said the teeth were broken they couldn't help us and they took pictures. The tow was faulty to say the least and had us in danger for almost 1500 miles. Next your company sends out a tow truck that tried to help Us. A1 towing of Fort Meyers Florida, He did un hook the car tow but it was too wide for him to tow because he had rails on his tow truck so we had to go through that until we figured out it would not work. So he hooked car tow back up to moving truck and told us to just take it all in the next day! Now this took all of about six hours of us unloading our things at storage within two hours and sitting at this facility waiting for four almost five hours dealing with this issue. To add insult to mental anguish when we turned in the vehicle today at the fort Meyers location we were asked how come it wasn't filled with gas??! This is super annoying and ridiculous when the company in Texas told us all we needed was a quarter of a tank. We explained our issues and the gentleman said that would be our compensation to not worry about the gas. He then asked my husband if he knew how to get the car tow off the truck?! Are you kidding me it's comical at this point and we are so exhausted and tired from our trip I'm actually speechless. I'm just thankful to the Lord we didn't have an accident and made it safely. The last guy said you guys have lots of trucks and you so your best and this happens l. I disagree you should never ever send people on the road trusting faulty equipment that they have no ability to check for themselves. Ok I guess that's it. Happy to be in Florida. Will not refer Penske to family or friends.

Oct 06, 2019

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