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Penn Credit review: Trying to collect on a paid bill 4

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3:17 pm EDT
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I got a ticket on a trip to florida in juanuary 2010. I paid it online on [protected].
Luckily i saved the receipt.
I got a letter from penn credit corp dated [protected] saying they were hired to collect the money by the court of palm beach county, florida.

Judging by the other complaints on this company, it would seem they have a habit of trying to collect on previously paid bills and tickets.

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, US
Jun 26, 2018 6:05 pm EDT
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This is a comment I found online about "supposed" debt collectors and please pay attention:

Lead Investigator at Scamcallfighters

Don't call back! This is a scam. Extortion attempt. Never respond to phone calls or emails with such bogus claims.

You need to revert ONLY if you get by mail (not email) a Debt Validation notice with every detail that is required to be furnished under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act including but not limited to the amount owed, calculation for amount owed, proof that you agreed to pay amount owed, identity of original lender, proof that the Statute of Limitations has not expired, license number of the debt collector and proof that the debt collector is licensed to collect in your state.

The scammer would have made similar calls to hundreds of people at random. He wouldn’t know who has a delinquent loan and who hasn't. But he will tell everyone the same story.

Those who never had any payment default, would object and usually get out of the way. But those who have an issue with their loan, could easily get scammed! (There are a few who get very scared and would pay to get out of “trouble” while there was no real trouble at all!”)

When a scammer calls and asks to pay up, the victim will subconsciously connect the call to his old default and would think that the caller knows about the delinquent payment and would pay up! Many people who could have defaulted on a loan repayment, have made grave error of paying money to scammers who have no relation to the loan!

It’s stupid to pay B when we owe money to A. So be very careful. Grill the caller about his company name, address, call back number, his relation with the original lender. If he is reluctant or gives wrong info, he is certainly a scam artist.

Francis Stubbs
, US
May 23, 2018 12:43 pm EDT

Good for you Da. I am getting robo calls this month too. They are very vague. I do not plan to respond after reading a handful of these comments. I am pretty sure I do not owe anyone. It is a shame people are so unimaginative that they cannot come up with honest, even noble, ways to make money. Or at least be of service. I appreciate all the people who posted here as one thing is for sure, Penn Credit is not very good at what they do. Their messages smell...

dateline ID
Harrisburg, US
Dec 29, 2010 8:49 pm EST

totally disagree i am a previous employe and penn credit will collect on accounts already paid not only that we were couraged to take payments upfront regardless of the situtation and worry about it later, i have seen it happen unfortunately i was put up to do it. They dont like to pay clients on time and bank on the hard working people. I will be filling a complaint about their deceptive business practice to the Attorney General's office i am collecting more complaints..

Philadelphia, US
Aug 10, 2010 11:18 am EDT

Penn Credit Corp is a legit collections agency. As a former employee I can say that Palm Beach County was a difficult client because some of their records were old but weren't updated by the time the bills are turned over to PCC office. If you paid it then there's nothing to worry about, just an error with Palm Beach County