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D Aug 05, 2019

To the Management PAH/ To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to report my concerns and nuisances I experienced and still facing since the day of admission, from the emergency room till my physiotherapy sessions. With the knee injury and unbearable pain I had, I was waiting for almost 40 minutes to receive treatment or examination by the so called Doctor on Call. She is an Indian Lady with big curly hair and by the looks of it, she has taken her own sweet time to reach ER. Once my wife registered at the reception, the doctor was still not there to attend me and when my wife and sister enquired, how long does the doctor takes to attend the patient, they said the doctor was still on the way and they can't rush the doctor. Do you really think that this is my problem? What is the objective of Emergency Room? Emergency? Patient need to be attended right away regardless of any situation.
Thereafter, the Indian Doctor finally reached the ER, questions me on what type of drinks that I had how many glasses of drinks I had which was not concerning of patient's pain and emotions at that point of time. Well, it's rationale to ask in order to not giving wrong treatment with medicines that may cause ill with the influence of alcohol in patient. But the way it was asked as if, someone forced her to become doctor. No courtesy, did not support patient emotionally, being a doctor and able to treat patient and their emotion during the time of pain is noble profession. Being such ruthless doctor, my frustrations just got higher thinking could PAH give the best service and medical treatment. Is that so? Just because of one Doctor, I had to doubt the rest and PAH service standards. On top of that, the doctor lash back rudely at my wife and sister saying that I was being rude, not cooperative and very fussy. Asking my family members, am I under the influence of drugs? Because my behaviour as such giving her room for ASSUMPTIONS for that! If I am as the patient being rude that too because I was in pain to the doctor/nurse, I believe it is the doctor and nurses job to calm me down and provide an emotional support before the treatment starts. That is the basic of being a professional doctor and nurse!!! Come on, this is basic!!! And not having assumptions and claiming to my wife and sister that I might have consumed drugs and I am being rude.
Next, the nurse Roxane! Didn't even know what the meaning of courtesy is. All she had given me was a resentful look and just poked my hand to insert the IV. I have a traumas with injections, needle and blood! Though she have known the fact, there was not even a word to calm me down and just poked with blood dripping everyway on my palm and cloths. She wiped it off but did not do it properly and not attentive. Just wiped of near where the IV was inserted. It is painful and swollen immediately, not sure she did it right or something went wrong! My first experience at PAH, a male nurse did it with minimal to no PAIN AT ALL. Not professionally handled at ER and this is utterly embarrassing for Penang Adventist Hospital, for its brand and image.
Subsequently, I was admitted in Room 416, majority of the nurses on the floor are working on a slow-pace similar like the Doctor in the ER; taking their own sweet time for everything and almost forgetting what they supposed to do until my wife, sister or myself have to remind them. They did not make the bed at all until the fourth day when I felt really uncomfortable and started feeling uneasy because of the itchiness resulted from not changing the sheets. Only after that, they remember that they need to make the bed. Is this supposed to be requested? Additionally, having employed foreigner staff is not wrong at all. But aren't they supposed to communicate at least a basic English/Malay just in case that patient requested something at least they can converse without getting intimidated. Further, the toilet water pressure is weak and let's talk about the food served to the patient now. Talking about Adventist Food, as though only the person counting their last days can have that type of meal at hospital - even they wouldn't want consume such meals? It supposed to be healthy and appetising and not dead and uninviting! In this case, having made the facility available for patients, I had eventually turned down because it does not serve any purpose.
Next, Billing & Reception/Insurance Department! I just don't know what the hell they are doing. It's like back and forth between your billing team and my insurance agent. Creating tough time for patient and their family! When enquired about Deposit, they informed as claimable and the result of deposit after a week of discharge is as not claimable. When we pay the deposit, the reception that handles the insurance mentioned that it will be fully refunded upon discharged. Guess what, it's a false information. Creating more confusion instead of being clear and precise. If you're not sure of the details, just inform "WE WILL CHECK AND GET BACK TO YOU WITH PRECISE DETAILS" NOT BACK AND FORTH WITH INCORRECT INFORMATION!!! I don't appreciate this sort of ‘SIKAP TIDAK APA'. Such a disgrace and shameful.
Now, let's talk about the good accomplishment! Hats off to Nurse by the name Ms Bobo she knows how to wake up the patient early morning or in midst of patient sleeping, to give the medicines with the injection with less to no pain at all and she is amazing asset to the PAH. Every day she wakes me up and seeing her, I feel safe. Ms Leja too! Ms Leja is kind and accommodative to patient needs. Thank you Ms Bobo and Ms Leja for your kind assistance. Perfect nurses! Not forgetting all the physio team. Always polite and gentle in handling me. And the female staff is good especially pity the Indian girl; sorry I didn't get her name. Always pushing me on a wheelchair back and from physiotherapy without failing as I'm very heavy. I felt touched the way they treated all the patience basically to bring them back again on their own foot, teaching them how to walk again which I am going through as well. Kudos to Ms Bobo, Ms Leja the Physio team.

Thank You.
Unsatisfactory Patient

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