Iranian Hospital - Dubai Complaints & Reviews

Iranian Hospital - Dubai / gynecologist department

Dec 10, 2017

The worst experience ever. I came to the hospital with abdominal pain. After check up the gynecologist Miri Fatemehsadat she sent me for ultrasound where doctor found out I have a 6cm cystic lesion with internal debris suggestive of hemorrhagic cyst, when I came back to doctor Miri I wa...

Iranian Hospital - Dubai / customer service call center agent

Oct 18, 2017

I called today October 18, 2017 at around 10:50pm. Mr Noor Mohammad answered my call and recorded. I am concerned about my credit card statement that one insurance company charges me 350 dirhams which i did not even agree and they did not ask for my consent even at the phone. Mr Noor...

Iranian Hospital - Dubai / healthcare

Sep 20, 2017

I came to Iranian Hospital for chest pain and i came to doctor and the doctor in turn refered me to the xray and blood test. The xray was done with in 10 minutes. I waited for the approval for the blood test from the insurance company and the insurance company had already approved but the...

IRANIAN HOSPITAL dubai IS A BAD AND WORST HOSPITAL / Iranian hospital DUBAI is the worst hospital

Ah§ion=theuae&col= visit this site above first This hospital has destroyed my whole life at very young age ...i have my whole life in front of me ..but no hope of anything..this hospital...

Iranian hospital Dubai most awful hospital / Iranian hospital Dubai most awful hospital


This hospital has destroyed my whole life at very young age ...i have my whole life in front of me ..but no hope of anything..this hospital took away from me my most precious thing that i loved my beauty of face nose ..area under skin...Oh Allah please destroy the doctors of...

Iranian Hospital Dubai / Iranian hospital dubai is the worst hospital ...surgeons are worse than the hospital itself


Tabari - Mohamad Reza is the worst surgeon plus i have now come to know that also there are many other patients from this hospital who are so unsatisfied with the hospital surgeons and staff and their surgries and many cases in the court are filed againt this hospital and on many of the...

[Resolved] Iranian Hospital Dubai. . . Worst Hospital With Worst Surgeons / Iranian hospital dubai. . . Worst hospital with worst surgeons


Dr Tabari - Mohamad Reza...was the doctor who did my surgery the surgery was nose surgery ..the staff was so ignoring and so rude ...after the surgery i had problems with breathing ..bleeding ..and my eyes were black plus the shape of my nose is badly outshaped ...whole shape is desroyed...

[Resolved] Iranian Hospital Dubai / Dr tabari ent surgeon


He is worlds worst surgeon a butcher, he destroyed my life after me doing rhinoplasty surgery from him, he reduced my nose so much that now i have trouble in breathing and my whole shape of nose is destroyed and i have got dark circles after the surgery, im am completely ugly and have...