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Doctor tabari ent

اسوء مستشفى المستشفى الإيراني يحتوي اسوء طبيب محمد تباري للانف دمر حياتي وأنهاها للأسف الشديد زيارة المستشفى تعد كارثة بوجود تباري لا بد من تقديم شكوى للنيابة باسمه وباسم المستشفى للسماح بمثل هذه الجريمة قام بتصغير للانف بشكل مبالغ من تكسير عظم وإزالة غضاريف وظهور بقع سوداء تحت العينين وسوء التنفس

The worst hospital ever that contains the worst doctor Muhammad Tabari for the nose has destroyed my life and ended it very unfortunately. Visiting the Iranian hospital is a disaster in the presence of Tabari. A complaint must be submitted to the prosecution for tabari and in the name of the Iranian hospital that allow such traction
Doctor made my nose smaller
. Exaggerated nose reduction, bone fracture, cartilage removal, black spots under the eyes, and bad breath

Doctor tabari ent

Iranian Hospital - Dubai

Dr Mohmmad Tabari worst doctor ever!!

Regarding filing a complaint against a doctor, I hope that this is the appropriate place to submit a complaint against an Iranian doctor in the Iranian hospital in Dubai

The complaint against the Iranian doctor in the Iranian hospital _ Dubai Dr. Tabari after he completed a plastic surgery and deviating the pace of the nose in a non-peaceful manner other than what was agreed upon and the nose was mutilated with pictures accompanying Dr. Tabari did not explain all the details of the process before the operation in a way that indicates a bad way to exploit the patients, the doctor exploited The patient's weakness in communication and knowledge of all the details. The result was a distortion of the nose and a bad condition after several consultations, as he broke a large part of the nasopharynx, indicating the weakness of the surgeon's addition, he did not modify the deviation and I am now suffering from difficulty breathing.

The doctor performed a nose operation in addition to the medical process without giving the name of the operation and clarifying the details of the operation in a wrong way in which the patient is exploited knowing that the insurance does not cover plastic and insurance operations he covered a medical operation only, Dr. Tabari did not explain the cosmetic scientific nor give the name of the operation using words other than Clear as "internal and external process".

   Please help in reviewing what happened to me,

Dr Mohmmad Tabari worst doctor ever!!

Iranian Hospital - Dubai

Cashier services

To whom it may concern,
Whenever I go to Iranian Hospital, i am facing the problem of this particular cashier her name is Balouch. She clearly doesnt know what she is doing.

First, when my number was appeared on the screen i directly went to cashier c which is Balouch is in there. I stand there long time because the other customer is still there and i am waiting for them to finish whatever their concerns. I told balouch i will just sit there call me if you finish. Then i saw the customer left already i stood and gave her my qeueu number the other customer went to her saying this is his turn. Then Balouch told me why you didnt come when your number was called, i told her i was standing here since the number appeared on the screen. She was saying that i didnt come early that is why she called the next number. I told her that she can check the camera. Then she stop.

Second, i was approved for direct speacialist. Sge entered in the system and issue me the receipt for GP. When I am going to my specialist, I noticed my receipt that I need to go to GP. I ran to cashier again because it is almost 7pm that my doctor is only until 7:30pm. I told Balouch to check my approved paper, then she said. Oh, this is for Doctor Ghasnavi. I told her why she didnt check this earlier she replied to me im not checking this approved paper only the small one. I told her this is the approved why you are checking the qeueu number paper.

Third, I go to reception to know the cashier's name and how to file a complaint. Then one lady is complaining also the same reason i am complaining. That she dont know what she is doing and the qeueu is slow for her to handle. She is incompetent. She needs training for this. I hope the management will do the action. This is not the first time.
This is everytime I am going to the hospital I faced this kind of problem. Her lack of knowledge.

I hope the management will do action for this kind of matter.

Thank you

Cashier services
Cashier services

Iranian Hospital - Dubai

Gynecologist department

The worst experience ever. I came to the hospital with abdominal pain. After check up the gynecologist Miri...

customer service call center agent

I called today October 18, 2017 at around 10:50pm. Mr Noor Mohammad answered my call and recorded. I am...

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I came to Iranian Hospital for chest pain and i came to doctor and the doctor in turn refered me to the xray...

Iranian hospital DUBAI is the worst hospital§ion=theuae&col=

visit this site above first

This hospital has destroyed my whole life at very young age ...i have my whole life in front of me ..but no hope of anything..this hospital took away from me my most precious thing that i loved my beauty of face nose ..area under skin...Oh Allah please destroy the doctors of this hospital life is a ness now ...oH GOD ...DESTROY this boutcher house ...god blast the doctor who did my surgery ...MY ADVICE TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE goin to this hospital is please if u love ur self even a lil bit ..please dont go to this hospital whole life is destroyed my precious thing in my life is finished ...oH GOD ...HOW am i goin to live ...this hospital is a boutcher house and nothing else

  • Du
    dubailover Feb 28, 2010

    i tired this $hit severl time. i dont advice anybody to even think to go there.

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  • Sa
    saki Mar 23, 2010

    i hate this hospital worst hospital of u a e .lady doctor ambreen she is so bad and so rude to patients and i guide every one to not take any consult with her, inspite of helping the patient she is so worried about her makeup, keeping the patient in front and talking to nurse and her friend about her face and her family matter, im saying she is the worse, she must be kick out from their and she behave in rude manner with elder old poeple's no manner's nothing in all the nurse, in iranian hospital should be change into iranian saloon it will work and earn better, just blaming innocent people's and eating money----------------

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Iranian hospital Dubai most awful hospital

This hospital has destroyed my whole life at very young age ...i have my whole life in front of me ..but no...

Iranian hospital dubai is the worst hospital ...surgeons are worse than the hospital itself

Tabari - Mohamad Reza is the worst surgeon plus i have now come to know that also there are many other patients from this hospital who are so unsatisfied with the hospital surgeons and staff and their surgries and many cases in the court are filed againt this hospital and on many of the surgeons in the hospital ...omg what the hell i have done biggest mistake of life ..i did the surgery 8 months back ..and i have lost everything that i loved the most face, my looks plus i have physical problems destroyed i am almoist at verge of killing my self...please stay away from this hospital and doctors and surgeons ...please...

  • Ah
    Ahmad Nov 27, 2008

    I think that your comment is purely discriminatorial. And i would advise everyone to follow the Quranic Teachings:
    (O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done).

    I have been at the hospiatal with my family, friends and my coworkers, and everybody were more than satisfied with their service and care.

    Ma Allah forgive you for the misguidance you have caused.


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  • Sa
    sayed Dec 03, 2008

    yea and guess wat if something would have gone wrong with you and your family what your behaviour would be like ...stop these gd talk it for a talk show ...i am trying to help people ...thats waht even Allah likes ...i have been cheated life is been destroyed because of this hospital didnt happen with you happened with me and i know how it feels ...if same would have happened with you then i would have asked you ...its easy to give comments in my place and then talk ...god blast the doctors of this hospital ...Ameen

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  • Os
    osman ali Sep 23, 2009

    if you go to court you can take more than 1 million dh

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[Resolved] Worst hospital with worst surgeons

Dr Tabari - Mohamad Reza... Was the doctor who did my surgery the surgery was nose surgery.. The staff was so ignoring and so rude... After the surgery I had problems with breathing.. Bleeding.. And my eyes were black plus the shape of my nose is badly outshaped... Whole shape is desroyed and now it is so ugly... And it is still after 5 months of the surgery... I have lost every thing... My life is a mess now.. I was a 1000 times better than this befor ethe surgery... The doctor started abusing mw with rude words when I came back to him "saying that nothing can be done get the hell out of here plus abused me a lot"... He was so opposite and friendly before the surgery... Please please my life is destroyed and I dont want any ones else life to be destroyed... Dont ever think of going to this hospital for anything and espically ti this dr tabari - Mohamad

  • Resolution Statement

    Iranian Hospital Dubai customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Hu
    HUSSAINA Nov 12, 2008

    what has the authourity of the hospital have to say on the above comment, someone recommend the hospital to me but i am now scared and confused after seeing the comment

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  • Tr
    Truth publisher Nov 19, 2008

    Hi this for people who are searching for jobs in IT companies in dubai i can say the first and foremost worst ever seen company there is NETLINKBLUE.

    The major issue there is they dnt credit salary for any of the employees there, and the owner likes everything to keep it for him self rather than sharing his profit.
    If its a loss he wwants to share it saying loss no salary...

    They have employees in visit visa... for years and years to go...




    Truth publisher..

    -2 Votes
  • Ah
    Ahmed Dec 03, 2008

    what will the athourities say they dont have time to review anything ...because they are so busy in destroying peoples life surgery in this hospial has costed me in every way, mentally, physically, and financialy ...i am almost over ...u go in this hospital you are responsible for anything that happens not the doctor thats wat the doctor told me after the surgery ...and i have seen that happenning to me...god blast the doctors of this hospital ...Ameen

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  • Na
    Nada Feb 23, 2009

    YES I AM WITH YOU TOTALLY, i deleivered my first baby there and it was really like horriebel, i stayed to months suffering from paining the cut down was big and infected and was not be able to sleep or sit down, the doctor made the operation for me I guess she was trianer and all the doctor there as well, the nurses are very rude with no humanities, i was screaming from the pain and the nurse was shouting at me, My God if i was strong the time I would teach her how to treat patients, in sumarry very bad hospital.

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  • Za
    zainab Mar 01, 2009

    Omg im scared to read the comment above cuz my surgery is after like 4 iranian hospital for nose job..and i have given up since i read the not going to take this risk.

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  • Mo
    mohammed Apr 23, 2009

    Yha I too heared The Netlinkblue company is a bad company they will not give salaries to their employes..

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  • An
    Angela0 Jun 27, 2009

    This hospital is helping people since 1970 with great services. its oldest dubai hospital. if they are bad as you assumptive. they will close it since long time... I don’t understand why you complaining here?? why don’t you go to dubai health authority and complain there if you really have a serious case

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  • Aj
    AJIA NIAN Jul 14, 2009

    I went to iranian hospital this Jan, and i was got hig fever, normally fever just a samll case, should be gone after injection.but that time wasnt . I told the DR, i really not feeling well.and they gaven me an injection .i was setting there for 40minutes..but still felt terrible, the temperature still remained 39.5℃ !!! Then i went to the
    DR, he told just wait~~So i just back home ...but did not feel better at all~Finally i had to phone my friend, he is
    DR too, i read him the prescription which i got from Iranian hospital, he was wondering why they just gaven me
    wrong medicine in sucn case..after i hurry to my friend's clinic, and i felt better just in 15minutes after gaven is the truely happened to me ~as now i really dont believe to go to that hospital...

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  • Sa
    sayed Jul 24, 2009

    This hospital hires very unprofessional doctors who dont care about the patients its like boucher house they start buchering humans like one after the another...they do many surgeries here but the people who are large in numbers are poor people who dont have much money and the hospital doctors and management take advantage of them and they loot them and do what ever they like and after " what the poor people can do if the surgeries go wrong"...they dont care abot how the surgeries go they jst have targets about 30-40- surgeries a day no matter how the results are they keep on doing n meeting their targets and if out of 30 surgeries 15-16 surgeries go wrong they will say" since they are doing so many surgeries it is obvious for some of them to go wrong" this a responsible statement why do you do so many surgeries ...when u know with so much numbers u cant give the patients satisfaction of what they want ...the hospital is just destroying lives and looting people ...god blast this hospital and the doctors of it.

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  • Av
    avra Aug 09, 2009

    even i do have a terrible expereince in iranian hospital dubai, the doctors specially in the maternity section are worse than a maniac such inexperienced doctors how could they recruit in such a hoospital where they plays with human experience was my wife was pregnent at the time of delivery they refused to admit thanks to god that in al wasl hospital she delivered and they saved the life of my wife and my sons, some one really take a strong action against them.

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  • Os
    osman ali Sep 16, 2009

    i have a worse surgery with dr tabari too me and my friend have same problem in our nose, unfortunatly i went to doctor tabari and he says i need to do surgery even without examination on my nose, after surgery i found i cant brithing and loss of smell, i went to mannanger of hospital he is an uguly man and he dident do anything .
    my friend was visited with another young doctor i think dr davoud and dr after visit him say he has allergy and need to take medicine, he is good now.
    after a while i decided to see dr davoud but staff of hospital say dr davoud was sent to iran because he is working well and patiently with people.
    i dont know why dubai goverment allow to continue same hospital .

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  • Os
    osman ali Sep 18, 2009


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  • Ra
    rahasa Sep 28, 2009

    Believe me some patients have very ingratitude opinions about Iranian hospital, I think he /she wanted to take advantage don't forget you chose your hospital, your surgeon, and you signed your surgical consent and you accepted operation risks. Dubai health care believes that IRANIAN HOSPITAL has good responsibility and has got accredited certificate in the UAE, If you don't believe it don't go to Iranian hospital, because I had successful surgery there and their habit was very well .

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  • Mi
    Mike Tomson Dec 14, 2009

    I'm Canadian and moved to Dubai in 2009
    I visit Iranian Hospital in Dubai at least 5 times this year and my experience was absolutely excellent compare to Canada and US medical care. the price is reasonable and it covers the medicine as well.
    their service was fast and you could use most of office insurances there.
    Nose surgery is a cosmetic one and I understand this practice is common in IRAN after revolution and there are a lot of people doing that. it has its own risks. I'm sorry for your suffer but it could be equally happened in any hospital in any country.
    do some research on north American and European medical service.


    -1 Votes
  • Za
    zam 2310 Jan 14, 2010

    i also only have excellent reviews about Iranian hospital dubai. my mum had a back surgery there and it was very successful. the hospital staff are very courteous and the doctors very professional. i suspect that some of the above reviews were written by one person under different names. it is a good hospital and i recommend it to everyone. Mohammed and hussaina, dont take heed of these funny stories told here. go to the hospital yourself and see things for yourself. its a good hospital. as good as any in europe and america.


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  • Is
    isrhad Jan 15, 2010

    since i have been in dubai transferred from france, mulhouse, me and my family is only using this hospitol eeven I have insurance which has a long list of hospitols name in dubai but I did not find any reason to chnage the hospitol as it is covering all my needs at one place.
    staff, facilities and atmosphere everything very good only thing medicine descriptions are in persian language which I can not read

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  • Sa
    sayed Jan 19, 2010

    even i thought going to this hospital will be the best thing for me .i thought this hospital as one of the bst hospitals in U.A.E ...BUT NO!!! this hospital destroyed my whole life ...the doctors here are so ignorant i hope mr sam, mike, israd something bad should also happen with you so that you can understand why complaints are posted and why people get angry when the patients put their trust in doctors and it end up in ruinin th patients life and doctors not accepting their mistakes ...

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  • Kh
    Khalid Saedd Bin essa Mar 08, 2010

    Irani Hospital is very nice and very good service and have special Service very nice Doctors Ara also thanks

    -1 Votes
  • Su
    Sulaiman47 Apr 05, 2010

    Two months ago a relative of mine had a baby there, she was very happy with the treatment she recieved. My wife will be having a baby soon inshallah and i am taking her there based on many recommendations, and i will write about the experience here.

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  • Ka
    kamali Apr 06, 2010

    i am satisfied with iranian hospital. i get wat i want at a good cost. ;)

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  • Ol
    olessya Feb 28, 2011

    Hi, we also had unpleasant experience with dr.Tabari in Iranian hospital.Last winter(2010) my child had a difficulties with nose breathing, so we went to see dr.Tabari, who seemed friendly and proffesional at first.He said that the problem is-enlarged adenoids and suggested an immediate surgery(we went to hospital's managment to ask about the price of this surgery and they said that it should be discussed WITH DOCTOR!!!)That was a first caution sign to us, as this means that hospital itself doesn't hold any responsibilities, beside, doctor is allowed to say ANY price, depending on the way you look, such as clothes you are wearing etc.Standard prosedures like adenoictomy with no extra complications should have fixed price, since it's a hospital and not doctor's private practice. We have a close friend, whos father is ENT surgeon in our home country, so we booked tickets and went for a surgery.Thank God the surgery went well, adenoids were removed, it was a terrible experience, but at least we had a trustfull doctor.So we came back to Dubai.After about two months after surgery my child started to have a blocked nose again, so we went to see dr.Tabari again.We explained to him that we did the surgery and having problem again.his attitude was changed right away, he got angry and his exact words:"when you want to buy a car, you buy it where you live".Not only he compare MY CHILD's surgery with such thing as buying a car, but also didn't even care to hide the dissapointments on loosing possible income!!!That's not the end!!He sent us for an X-ray and declared that the adenoides were not removed(like our friend doctor cheated us, which is hilarious!!!) and suggested REMOVAL offcourse!!!We had no reason not to trust our friend doctor!The same day we went to see another ENT doctor and showed him X-ray image.He said that there is no sign of adenoides(offcourse, they were REMOVED) and it's an allergy.What dr.Tabari wanted to remove, god knows, but i wouldn't trust a doctor who loves money that much, that he is ready to do CHILD's surgery of removal NOT EXISTING ADENOIDS!!!We have to find a good allergologist now, but thats a different story.Sorry for beeing to long, but i hope it will be helpfull to someone, DO double check!!!

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  • Wi
    William G G Apr 20, 2011

    I am a British Expat who has recently moved here from Hong Kong, I went to the Iranian Hospital initially to the General Outpatients then referred to a specialist, all I have to say about this hospital is that they were all very polite and professional and with a few follow up visits back into top health within a month, I have since taken my 5 year old son there to the dental department who were also very good, even though I took him knowing he needed to have a loose tooth removed they made my boy comfortable and removed the tooth with minimal fuss, my son now even asks when he can go to the dentists again. I really cant understand why some people bad mouth this place, unless of course they have gone there with false ailments looking for a sick note and got the hump when they were told there was nothing wrong with them and get back to work, just a thought!

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  • Go
    Goldy1972 May 24, 2011

    Dr.Illyasi was my doctor, he is the worst gastro doc ever
    He dosent want to know what problem you have, he is just interested in the tests he can do, my dad had accute pain and constipation and he did all possible tests(ct scan, 25 blood test, urine test, endoscopy, clonoscopy) all of this and he prescribed for laxatives, my experience Iranian hospital is just there to extract the max money out of you without even treating you. Don't go to this place, they should rot in he'll.

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  • Al
    albaloushi Sep 09, 2011

    i dont know about iraninan hospital but i ma talking about dubai goverment hospitalwho ever iswilling to die can go there.very bad is good in everything but not in heath docters r very rude

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  • Ma
    Maaa Jul 28, 2012

    in July 2010 i delivered my first baby girl there.before that i had few checkups.i was not satisfied with the everything was on the nurse hand.she talks to you and doctor just doing her job.medicine and ultrasound.i was OK because i had no option.but i was very very worried because it was my 1st delivery and i had no experience what happens next to delivery day again i was on nurses they handled me the nurses were extra rude and when i was crying and shouting with pain they just did not bothered and kept busy in chit chat.i was like dying and i just called my husband to take me out from here they are just mad...when delivery time came the doc.handled me with lots of nurses.i was satisfied with the procedure
    if you see this whole thing in different view then..
    the nurses were rude because it was their daily task and if you do something daily you are habitual to it.i was shouting and wanted their attention because it was my first time but in a day they handle lots of cases.i saw every patient its also in their job to ignore...and the doctor did not communicated with me because i think they only speak English and Iranian in spite of checking people they know what language they just let their nurse communicate with them who knows all languages.
    i am pregnant again and i am going to visit this hospital again...
    i liked the system the management.this time i will try to handle things in different way.i will ask whatever i want to ask with the doctor.that was my first time and i was nervous but now i will get the courage to take step...
    hope this review might help you

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  • Ah
    ahmad munir Jan 15, 2013

    Iranian hospital in dubai the worst hospital in dubai never go there for any check up the just will take your maney the are not even a doctor they just make there business

    1 Votes
  • Qu
    qurat May 01, 2013

    yes the staff is so rude i agree

    1 Votes
  • Du
    Dubai2014 Mar 06, 2014

    Nurses in Iranian hospital are very worst. don't even know how to speak English and there is one midwife there (dont know her name) she's very rude. Midwife and doctors convinced me to do CS because i am not dilating fast. it was my first time to give delivery and i listened to them. i thought that's the only thing i they can do to let the baby out but when i reached the operation room they are saying that its PATIENTS REQUEST..

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  • Go
    gowapo Mar 15, 2014

    The worst hospital ever... a friend of mine almost died because he was misdiagnosed.

    1 Votes
  • Sh
    Shahzad rajoya Aug 23, 2014

    i have throat infection, i took medicin from irani hospital Al Quoz Duabi, they give me Cefalexin 250, and injection Penicillin, i took dose for 3 days,
    now i have diarrhea, fever, body pain etc, i take 2-2-2 tablets daily of Cefalexin 250, if someone doctor see my post then please advise me.

    0 Votes
  • La
    lara2014 Aug 27, 2014

    I need to decide if I will do my surgery in the Iranian hospital or no.
    I have glomus tumor in my fingers, I visited orthopaedic, he told me that I need to go for a surgery.
    I've heard a very good comments about the hospital with also a very good reputation here in Dubai.
    moreover I have one of my friends got a successful surgery .
    however I have insurance, but as long as it has a good reputation, I was planning my surgery with them.
    after reading these comments, I'm hesitating now.
    guys please anyone has a good experience with the orthopaedics over there??

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  • Ke
    kendra estefanian Jul 01, 2015

    Iranian hospital is a worse hospital ever

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  • Lo
    Lois Lebby Jan 07, 2016

    Truly my friend had a successful surgery at Iranian Hospital. But my experience is different and negative, i think the hospital is not well organised, as a sick person you are left to go up and down from labs, back to the consultation rooms. I have visited 2 different hospitals in Dubai (which i don't want to mention there names because i want everyone to read this and not have biased minds) and those 2 hospitals have excellent patient care. But in Iranian Hospital patients go for lab tests themselves, patient make payments after consultation and not after treatment. Its honestly BAD! Even if you have insurance and want to pay, patients have to go and make payments themselves! I think they are deeply under staffed.

    0 Votes
  • Po
    poor patient May 09, 2016

    Salam to all my brothers & sisters. The above complaint maybe definitely true because I also visited the hospital yesterday and the service is horrible. They charge you 120 Dirham for registration. After that I had to wait in a long Que and there was no doctor to attend the patients. Maybe it was their shift changing time at 9.00 p.m. I am not sure... The doctor who attended me was an Iranian lady doctor .. She did not know to speak in English, luckily the nurse could speak English and she gave me the full translation of what the doctor was saying. They make you run from the main building to the new building for the blood test, ex-ray in some other place.., injection some other place.. go back to doctor in other building... Means that a patient will fall down by the time he finished his tests and gets some real treatment. Even the staff is horrible. They dont even smile. They keep on talking amoung themselves and not bothered that an ailing patient is waiting in front of them. They make you wait in front of them and keep talking. Looks like it is their house. So much attitude they have. No mercy on the patients who pay so much of money thinking that they will get the best of service and treatment. My advise better avoid going to such hospitals.

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  • Ri
    Richelle Cadiz Jun 26, 2016

    I have a good experience in Iranian Hosptal especially with Dr Nita Zaji..I had my breast operation last yr of december 2015 ans ot was very successful.Keep it up!

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    Jacquiline Aug 05, 2017

    Asking for medical report is a hell in iranian hospital and I have no idea why ????

    0 Votes
  • An
    Angelalbadaa Mar 28, 2018

    I took a visiting lady to the Iranian hospital to see the neurologist and neurosurgeon. We treated all staff pleasantly and found that all staff treated us pleasantly. You must pay for your consultation before seeing the doctor, I don't think this is an unusual practise as after consultation it can be difficult to ask for payment and many people would be queuing and most probably leave. The cost of blood tests is less than other places and they proceed with minimal fuss.
    The condition the lady went for could easily go either way in deciding an operation, so if they were wanting to make money they would have said she should definitely have an operation. Instead they said going by the reports from the UK they didn't recommend it as the likely-hood of it changing her condition was very low, she wasn't a good candidate for surgery, but suggested taking maybe another opinion and making a decision. Another hospital in Dubai said she should definitely have the surgery immediately, even though it really did fly in the face of the research results for her condition.
    I have gone to the Iranian hospital over the years for blood tests and it is possible to walk in and ask for blood tests to be done, ie thyroid, Vitamin D3, Ferritin etc, which takes away the cost of the doctor if you just want the test results.
    I have found the hospital pleasant although I don't go that much and tend towards alternative treatments anyway ie Homeopathy.
    I think staff respond to the way people treat them so if people are rude they may be short back. Having to deal with difficult people all day isn't the easiest thing, one may say that is their job, maybe so, but they are humans not saints.
    We saw Dr Abdi and found him pleasant and helpful.
    I work in the healthcare field and I know some people can be so rude and abusive and then blame the doctor when he is less than enthusiastic when he sees them.

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  • Yo
    Yodgor Aug 20, 2018

    I hope i never come back here again.

    Very bad service, Rude staffs no proper communication,

    2:35 minutes rounding in the hospital.

    I never come back here again
    Very bad stupid staffs,

    They always send you to somone
    Today more than 8 times they send me to other department.

    It is better to go Another hospitals not here again.

    0 Votes
  • Ze
    zenah Sep 10, 2018

    I am engineering and I like to see my writing in this page

    0 Votes
  • Iz
    Izzadeen qadomi Apr 28, 2020

    Sayeed same story happened to me, I wished I read all these comments before

    0 Votes

[Resolved] Dr tabari ent surgeon

He is worlds worst surgeon a butcher, he destroyed my life after me doing rhinoplasty surgery from him, he reduced my nose so much that now i have trouble in breathing and my whole shape of nose is destroyed and i have got dark circles after the surgery, im am completely ugly and have problemes in breathing as well...god vlast you ..i curse you doctor you will never be happy in your life ...he after the surgery is so ignorant and all rude almost at verge of killing my self ...god blast you Dr tabari.hes a wolf in sheeps clothing

  • Resolution Statement

    Iranian Hospital Dubai customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Ah
    Ahmed Dec 03, 2008

    yes i agree with you friend, THIS HOSPITAL IS WORST I HAVE BEEN THERE TOO, this hospital hires some unprofessional people who are nothing but money mongers .

    0 Votes

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ComplaintsBoard is a good source for product and company gripes from especially dissatisfied people
You'll definitely get some directions on how customer service can best solve your problem