[Resolved] Penang Adventist Hospitalreckless van driver


Hi adventist,

I met penang adventist white colored van pmt 465 in jalan delima on april 20th 2017 12:55pm who nearly hit my car's passenger side with 2 less than 5 years old kids sitting there.

I took a left turn from jalan yeap chor ee's traffic light into jalan delima (As attachment). Immediately after I turned the van is trying to overtake my car from left to right and he was driving very close to my car (About a palm distance). After driving for about 250m, I took a left turn while the van moved to my left, honked me and drive very close to my car which nearly hit the passenger side where 2 kids are sitting by the door. I need to moved my car to the opposite lane to prevent this accident.

I am very sad to see that this type of behavior coming from a medical practitioner's employee. This van is not an ambulance (With no sirens fixed). As a medical practitioner, I believe your hospital do not wish to cause injury to citizens regardless of whether children's presence is in the car or not. I hope this feedback will bring improvement to your hospital to help prevent accident injuries to the citizens.

Penang Adventist Hospital

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