Pegasus Airlinesunethical behaviour

E Sep 05, 2018

on august 28 me and my wife flight schedule at 21:55 on flight # pc 779 with pnr GYG8c9 from istanbul S.GOKCEN to telaviv. I have arrived at the departure area about 8:15 then i follow the counters which said all flights there were a lot of people and i supposed had to wait like all others, but when my turn come and reached the counter to check in the person who sat behind the counter told that i can't check in because i came late i have to explain to him that i have been waiting for over an hour and that is not my fault that all counters accepting all flights and kept arguing without any result then he said that i should speak to the supervisor and i did so the same thing i got no answer and no help saying i have arrived late even still about an hour to the flight ; she just keep saying i can not help you. I found this treatment unacceptable and harsh especially i have tried to explain to her that my mother have passed away a few hours earlier and i must travel. Even i asked her if i can travel on a different flight but without any response any regret i had to give up going to istanbul ataturk airport buying tickets that costs me 1800$ just to go back and share my family graving my mother.
All of my asking is a letter of apology and a compensation on a flight they did not let me on.

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