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I placed an order to have a parcel collected in uk and delivered to me in Egypt. They have had the parcel nearly two weeks I expected delivery this Tuesday the emailed me.Then I get a message to say it was returned to collection address.I paid 240sterlng for this.I work for a charity in Egypt and we where gifted these horse saddles I just wanted them delivered to Egypt.I am fed up you try to do the right thing and then get let down.I tried to talk to them this morning the girl Lisette said they would be returned in 14days I told her they tried to return yesterday she did not know what was going on.I thought this was a good company but I am left feeling let down.They emailed me to say it would be delivered to Egypt and then changed delivery date to this Tuesday.And then they email to say they tried to return to collection address yesterday. Please advise.

Aug 25, 2019

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