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Page Plus Cellularauto pay is a joke

For the most part I was ok with Page plus b/c we only had 1 other issue with the auto pay. I started having issues a couple of days before my plan was to replenish my minutes automatically. Most of the time I receive a text around 530 saying please add minutes to your acct. About a minute later I would receive another text telling me thank you for renewing your minutes. Not even close this time. I could not make any outgoing calls or receive any incoming calls, but I could still use texting. I am on the Talk n text 1200 plan. Which clearly states 1200 minutes, 1200 texts, and 50MB data. I didn't even come close to talking 1200 minutes during the month, and still had over 600 minutes left b/c I clear my history every month when it replenishes. About 1am this morning(7/2) which is when the plan normally resets automatically through Page Plus Auto pay stated that I had insufficient funds for texting. Ok, It is now 11pm on 7/2 and I still have yet to have a working cell phone. When I called at 9am I was on hold for 20 minutes. Finally someone answered. I stated my problem that I am on the auto pay plan and every other time my minutes had renewed by 530am wanted to know what was going on. She stated that the auto pay usually will update between the hrs of 9 and noon, but can take up to 5pm before it shows up. My cell phone is my life line to my sick daughters doctors as we go out during the day, I have to have my cell working in order to contact her neurologist in a hurry if I have to.

We are unable to afford the huge outrageous 2yr contract plans with verizon or any other carrier b/c having to contact drs. offices you never know how long you're going to have to be on hold with them to get an answer. So since Page Plus had the cheapest plan available and could use the verizon tower or whatever it's called we went with them. Like I said I was happy with their service until a couple days ago. Nowhere on the website does it state anything regarding the new terms to the verizon prepaid cell phones. Since my current cell is very old, we purchased a prepaid cell phone at the store. We can not return the prepaid phone now b/c we had to open it in order to port our phone number to the new one only to find out there is a change to the prepaid phones and can not be used on Page Plus system any longer. So now we have a phone we can't use, and can't return it. There should have been some type of information posted on their front page of the website to state this fact. It was stupid for us to even assume that a company would post any type of news or updates to this fact before purchasing a new phone. Then today happens. I called again at 4pm only to sit on hold for over an hr and then to be hung up on as soon as it started ringing I heard someone pick up and then a click and a busy signal. Called right back only to get message 'all circuits are busy, please try your call again later.' To which I did at 920, the same thing happened only I was on hold for 1hr 15 minutes. I know their website states office hrs are til 10pm on mon-sat but I had already been on hold. At almost 1040 it finally rings I hear laughter and a click then busy signal. Pressed redial only to hear 'our office is now closed, please try your call during normal business hours.' What a complete Joke. This company has no where near the quality and professionalism that any company should have in their customer service team. I worked in a call center for customer service for over 10 yrs and even if I was set to leave if I had callers waiting on the line I stayed and answered them instead of hanging up on them. You never hang up on a customer that's how you lose them. I don't know who we will go with, but I will be switching companies soon. I'd rather pay extra and get good customer service than to pay a little and get hung up on and crappy service not to mention spotty service. And the auto pay system is a total joke. The meaning of auto pay is automatic payments made to an account on the same day every month. Now it is a holiday weekend, we are suppose to go out of town but if my cell service can not be fixed then our vacation plans have to change b/c I have to be able to use my cell in order to get hold of my child's neurologist. Just makes me sick to my stomach!


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    fossil Jan 26, 2011
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    I had the same exact issues as you did!! You should of filed a complaint with the Attorneys General Office of Ohio. I did and I was rewarded a $200 check from them. Apperantly it's a huge issue with this crappy company. Their teenage customer service reps are a big fat joke to all customer service agents out there!! I was told by the AGO that if they receive any more complaints in high volume that this company will not only pay again but will be severely punished. They do use Verizon Wireless towers but no longer can use their phones because as I was told Verizon doesn't want them to be offiliated with them after the law suit. I called them one time at 8:00 CST and they close at 9 my time I was told to hold by the AVR system when I finally got a hold of someone it was like 8:50, the lady who anwsered was very rude, I asked for a supervisor and she put me on hold, now it's 8:58 and she picked up I heard people in the background and she hung up on me. Then they canceled my service. So I filed the complaints against them.I hope to god they go out of business. What a shame to have such a company around and sucking the money out of people who want to save money by trusting them and get fooled and tricked by them.

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