OYO Roomsdouble booking

Jw Oct 03, 2019

I left my bags at 10am and told to book-in at 2pm, on a very sunny bank-holiday weekend. At 2pm I was told I was not registered. I provided booking evidence. Neither the hotel (Stade Court, Hythe) OYO Esculations or are admitting to liability. Due to the weather and B.H. Weekend, were only able to offer us hotels shared by unemployed people (with bad reputations) approximately 15 miles away from our booking. We then had to find the nearest relative and eventually got to their house at 1am, due to traffic-jams and cars leaving the area. say they are not liable (but offered £50), the hotel and OYO deny liability and have not offered any compensation for a nightmare weekend. I have all the paperwork evidence and emails for the last month, since the booking.
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