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I decided back in December to place an order with Overnightprints.com for a sell run of business cards. I received the cards in the mail about 2 weeks later and they were horrible. The rounded corners looked like I cut them with a scissor at home, about 50 of the cards were bent already from packaging, the text on the cards was about 6 pts bigger and most importantly, the green for both sides of the card was a disgusting yellow! I call right away to let them know that there is no way I can use these. The customer service rep. tells me to send them back for a reprint and they will correct it. If not, I will receive a refund.

Needless to say, I get them back 2 weeks later and the same problems are there, the only change being that the front and back are a darker YELLOW instead of green. I call again and they tell me to send them back for a refund. In the meantime, I send the same files to another printer and received my cards in about 3 days, looking exactly like I wanted, with no problems.

Today, I receive a call (two months after the initial order) saying they refuse to give me the refund they promised as they determined that they printed the cards to "the best of their ability" and since what I received is the best they can possibly print, I can't get my money back. The only way I could get the refund (which they promised) is if they found on error on their part and if their printer can't print the color, it's my problem, not theres. I now have two options: they can send the cards back to me (which I'll never use) or give me a partial credit towards a future purchase (which again, I'll never use. If their printer doesn't have the "ability" to print in the right colors, why bother ordering anything).

Do NOT use this company!!!


  • Overnight Prints Aug 17, 2016

    Dear HanF51,

    I just read your complaint about our expected print and delivery times, and wanted to write to your personally and hopefully earn your business back. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience or frustration that this issue has caused you.

    Since you post on February 2010, Overnight Prints has taken steps to simplify our shipping process and to make delivery times more visible to customers sooner on our website (each product page). Instead of selecting a printing type you actually chose the date you need your order but. We have also implemented a new Emergency shipping method. You can now buy your order today and get it tomorrow as long as your payment is received by 5pm PST.

    I have attached a copy of what our new process looks like for your review. If you have any questions about the process please feel free to email me at [email protected] Again, we apologize for any frustration this has caused you.

    Thank you,


    Overnight Prints


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  • Ha
    HanF51 Aug 17, 2016

    I ordered business cards through overnight prints because I needed them OVERNIGHT. Of course, a sleaze company like this had fine print that I didn't notice that you have to select the option for over night on 1 of about 15 checkout pages on their web site. This is one of the companies that is run by people who have NO VESTED INTEREST in neither customer post-sale satisfaction, nor overall performance of their product.

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  • PascalSmits Jul 12, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Fully agree on your review!

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  • Mb
    M Barry Jul 12, 2016
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    A word of warning to anyone who is about to use Overnight Prints (www.overnightprints.com) for their printing needs. I have been a customer of theirs for many years. I can say one thing --- HIT OR MISS. The price is what drives the company ... it is difficult to find cmyk printing (full color) for the prices that they offer, however ---- warning: you get what you get. And if there is a problem, don't call them because they do not want to hear it. They will offer a reprint despite the fact that they missed your company's deadline, but that's about it. (what good does that do when you are no longer able to send out an item?)

    Recent problem: Placed our order for Christmas holiday cards on November 29th. Paid for EXPRESS 3 day service. (This would mean that I was promised my printed and delivered corporate cards on Tues. Dec. 4) Well... it is now December 13th and we still do not have them. I have called several times. Their rude customer service team has a "Take it or leave it" attitude. They were supposed to finish the cards on Dec 7 and eat the cost for immediate delivery on Dec 10. This did not happen. Some idiot there decided to send them SLOW delivery method which is why we have not received. I paid for Dec. 4 and did not get the service or a professional attitude. The male I spoke to when I called the second time flat out did not care and said "I don't know what happened. I couldn't tell you." They offered me a $20 credit on my next order. (Which of course will probably be late) They completely suck at customer service and delivery times. They are NOT to be trusted unless you have over a month from the time that you'll need printed items. RUDE RUDE reps. Attitude of not caring. Take it or leave it... we are busy.

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  • Mi
    Michael Mar 04, 2012

    I placed an order with Overnight Prints for business cards and I paid for regular standard shipping because I didn't need them right away. It's been 8 days since my order was placed and so I called to check on it. I was told that it has not been printed yet. I was shocked. They explained that since I picked the standard shipping and that the arrival date was so far away, they were going to let the order sit there for 9 business days and then ship it so that it gets to me by the date promised. I explained that I agreed to regular shipping, but that I didn't agree to slow production of my product and that I expected my product to be produced right away. Then once shipped, it would take as long as it takes based on the shipping; not based on the fact that the order was just sitting there for two weeks (9 business day). It looks like "Overnight Prints" is not so overnight. I cancelled my order and will not give business to them again. That is very bad customer service.

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  • Ba
    Backstroke Aug 25, 2011

    I have been using ONP.com for years and just got back a job that was printed about 75% darker than the original. I understand incompatabilities between printers and monitors, but always generate myself a print before sending off. This is so FAR off, I can't believe it, all the shadows blown, no detail in the darker parts of the image. THey screwed the pooch on this one and are trying to blame me for the problem.

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  • Ch
    cholm Apr 08, 2011

    Overnight Prints is hands down the worst company to work with. I have been with my current position for 6 mo, and in that short time they have screwed up my order 3 times. Once, we ordered Thank You cards which would partially be direct mailed and the overs sent here. We never received any of the overs, nor did we receive a call back after numerous calls on the matter. Time two they brochures we needed for an event did not show up on time despite me calling to confirm they would be. The best was this last time. Having placed the order, I called to confirm the receiving date and the files were correct. I was (not) surprised to find out they hadn't even been shipped yet on the day they were supposed to arrive. When I called they said the job was done, and the shipping status was accidentally set as pick up. Yeah, I am going to go to pick my postcards on the other side of the country. I was told they would be shipped out that day and the floor supervisor would personally assure they would make it out, and to me by noon the following day.

    Again, big surprise. I walk in to a voicemail saying they did not ship, and would not be there. If the job is already printed, how [censor]ing hard is it to throw it on a truck???? When I called, I was given a big line of BS about their process and there is no way that the person I spoke to the day before could guarantee it would be shipped. She also went on to give me a lame [censor] excuse that they weren't at their facility, so they cant keep track of the packages. After repeatedly calling back, I finally get someone who refused to give me the job for free, and was going to refund our shipping cost, and would again GUARANTEE the package would be shipped out and here by tomorrow. Well that is too little too late. We missed our window of opportunity to implement the cards in our marketing plan. More action will be taken.

    I will end this with DO NOT USE OVERNIGHT PRINTS. They are unprofessional and make more horse [censor] excuses than a teenager. When you screw up, own it. Give me a result. Not a "there is nothing I can do" attitude, especially when my company spends tens of thousands of dollars every year, and has so for many years. I will not use Overnight prints again, and would encourage everyone to pass the word along when being asked about a printer.

    I have used 4over.com in my freelance work for years now, and have always received my projects well ahead of schedule, and they have always immediately solved any problems I have. They are far and above a better managed company overnight could learn a thing or two from them.

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  • Overnight Prints Nov 09, 2010

    Dear Melissa15,

    I would like to apologize for the unsatisfactory product you have received. We strive to provide you with the best product possible, and when you feel that it fails to meet your expectations, it's important for us to know.

    From my understanding of the situation you experienced a error in the printing resulting in the color being different then what you ordered, and the cutting was. Due to our printing process; colors that are not uploaded in the correct color gamut due tend to shift during the printing process. For instance, some files that are designed in RGB are not able to produce correctly when we print them in CMYK. This is because CMYK cannot convert the RGB colors 100% accurately, I believe this is what caused the sight color shift in your order however cannot be absolutely certain without seeing your file first.

    In reviewing all of the options I think I may have come up with a resolution that will meet your needs. If you can please email me at [email protected] I would love to discuss those options with you. Again, we apologize for whatever inconvenience that this issue has caused you.

    Overnight Prints
    [email protected]

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  • Me
    Melissa15 Sep 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the WORST Company I have ever dealt with and I am so so so disappointed. The color was not the same as I sent them and you could SEE the cutline ON MY Business card. I had paid a designer from RISD to design my card and I now own 1, 000 unusable business cards both color and cut (my website name on the card is also cut in half) I called twice for a resolution and the only thing I was offered after speaking with three "customer service" reps was to get a $19 coupon toward my next order...My next order??? Are they high???

    I honestly have never dealt with such a terrible company

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  • Pi
    pikesan99 Aug 25, 2010

    Just 1 day late.
    What does "on or before August 11th" mean to you? To me, it meant that I'd have the cards I ordered in time to use them at the event I planned to attend.
    When the cards didn't show, I called Overnightprints.com and begged them for some other solution where I could still receive the cards. They kindly offered to "refund my shipping charges". WHAT!?
    In this case, what would you want? I wanted to keep the cards and get 100% of my money back. It's only $100! Instead, it was calls and emails back to ONP when finally I got a letter from [email protected] This person still accused me of trying to get free cards and quoted "terms of service" items that didn't even apply! Thanks alot!
    Here are the exact facts: Ordered Aug 4th for "on or before Aug 11" shipping, that's ground and yea, the cheapest way. I was leaving Aug 12th. The cards were knowingly shipped late on Aug 6th (they told me they knew they'd be late) without a call or even email saying they'd be late. When I called Aug 11 to see where my cards were, ONP was flippant about the lateness. Hello! Over-night-prints?
    Finally, ONP did refund all my money and offered to let me keep the cards... TOO LATE! I had already sent the cards back.

    DO NOT USE Overnightprints.com if you want your shipment delivered on time.

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  • Gp
    GPW-GEOGE May 12, 2010

    Really bad experience with OVERNIGHT PRINTS, avoid them, find another printing company, if you dont want to get troubles with your customers or have a deal line promotion, whatever your printing needs are, DO NOT USE THEM, believe me, get away from them, dont waste your time...

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  • Ed
    edwardcgif Mar 11, 2010

    I recently used overnight prints (not worth wasting the time to correctly capitalize their name, but worth the time to make this note to make a point) to get some business cards. Wow! What a mess. They mishandled the entire process and said that there was nothing they could do. What a load of bull. You would think, a company that size would have the ability to take care of their customers better. They could care less. All they care about is their bottomline. Well here is how we affect that. Do not use them for anything. They may save you money, but they will not save you time. Time is something that we can never get back, money yes, but not with overnight pinheads. Their name is a lie, overnight, should be more like overmonth prints, or even oversometimewhenwearedarngoodandready prints.

    As a small business owner, I am not going to support these large companies anymore. I am going to use the local company and spend my money with people who care and I am able to talk to. Is a month of frustration and not knowing worth the $20 you saved? Not in my line of business. Support your local businesses. Paying a little more to be taken care of. Cheap is not better. You pay for what you get.

    So to sum it up, do not use overnight prints (not worth wasting the time to correctly capitalize their name, but worth the time to make this note to make a point) for anything other than to waste money and time. Have a good day!

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  • St
    Stacey D. Mar 02, 2010

    I have also had a bad experience with Overnight Prints. They have horrible customer service. They could care less if you are a satisfied customer. I order prints on February 4, 2009. I wrote to them three times via their internal email customer service. Each time, they wrote me back stating they were being printed and would be shipped within three days. It has been a month and I still have NOT received my order. They had no trouble collecting my payment immediately...funny how that works. I wonder if I will EVER the business cards? I called their 1-800 number this morning and they cannot find my order in their system. They acted like I made it up that I even placed an order. Now, I have to work with my credit card company to get a refund. What a pain!

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  • De
    dewet Dec 15, 2009

    The Newsletter I had them print for me looks like morse code instead of text. And the fold lines are full of ink. They look terrible and can't be used at all.

    They say they did not look at one before printing 500 of them. They never do, they say it's not their responsibility.

    I have been on the phone with them for several hours, they are trying to convince me it is my fault. They say they will NEVER give a full refund or even a full re-print credit. All they are offering is a 50% re-print credit.

    I have never bought something from a company and not been able to get a refund if the product is not satisfactory. This is a first for me. And if they don't resolve it, a last with overnightprints

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  • Up
    upset from upstate May 27, 2009

    Do not buy anything from Overnight Prints. They make you feel like it was somehow your fault when when the print job is cut wrong, or the color shift is dramatic.

    Finally, they will tell you that the poor quality product is within 'industry standards' for quality. I asked, "who's standards?" The rep wasn't sure. I've spent more than $30, 000 with them from October 2007-May 2009 and I think I'm done.

    I'll never use Overnight Prints again.

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  • Gr
    graphicdude May 07, 2009

    I've used Overnight Prints for several years. The quality is great, but their customer service is laughable. The problem I have is primarily on rush orders. Their shipping charges are outrageous to begin with, but when you have to have, you'll pay. You would think when someone is paying high shipping charges, this job would be a priority. The problem is when they have an issue with printing or operator error (this happens) they TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY! Ordered 1000 bus cards and 5000 post cards on Sunday and chose 3-day select. If your order is in by 3pm, it'll print that day and be available for shipping the following day. Its Thursday and I've yet to receive a tracking number. I called their customer service "HOTLINE" and spoke to a representative who tells me they had a issue with the prints (QC). He insured me that they have been reprinted and are scheduled to ship 3-day select! Where is the customer service. I did everything right, they had the mess up? Shouldn't they upgrade my shipping to insure my customer gets his cards on time? Shouldn't they notify me of that a problem has happened?

    If there was a way I could hurt their business I would. I would love to get everyone involved and boycott them!

    Pissed off in Nashville!

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  • Me
    Melissa L. Apr 10, 2009

    I placed my first order with OverNight Prints a few weeks ago. Bookmarks came with lines down both sides, as if ink had been smeared or lightened by rollers. Called about returning. Was told Supervisor had to call me for credit. He did. Said he's send return label via email. They required the product be returned. VistaPrint just takes your word, credits you and lets it go - and that's withOUT talking to a Supervisor three days after the first complaint. So when the form didn't come, I talked with another rep a week later who accused me of losing the email and insisting I just needed to check my junk mail after I told her it wasn't there. Then she figured out the Super had typo'd my email address (it was my first name at full name.com and they had it on file correctly). So she said she'd resend last week. Didn't get it. Sent email to Customer Service two full business days ago, still don't have a label or a response.

    I'm going back to VistaPrint and I won't EVER use Overnight again. They don't know the meaning of "Customer Service."

    Melissa L. / Asheville, NC

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  • I placed an order for 2000 Business Cards on March 11, 2009. After Reviewing my order, I pressed submit and waited for my cards to be printed. Approaching two weeks, I was a bit concerned as I have not yet heard a word from overnightprints.com . I found my order, and promptly contacted their 1800 number. When I called at 8 am, I was greeted with a voicemail that said they were experiencing "longer than normal wait times". I did more research and found the company was in California. So I waited til 12 eastern before contacting them again.

    I spoke to the first available rep, and expressed my dissatisfaction with the lack of communication, and delays on their part. After reviewing the notes, the rep stated that my cards were JUST YESTERDAY approved for printing, however their was a problem with one of my pictures. Today's Date is March 27, 2009. This is almost 3 weeks before they even reviewed it?? When I asked what the delay was he said he couldn't answer. Perhaps it was a glitch and prompted to apologize.

    I too run a business, and when mistakes happen that are either my fault, or not the customers fault, I apologize and offer some kind of financial to express my apology. A verbal apology does not do anything for me. The rep said the best he could do was refund me half of my shipping fees ($3.45). It would take an additional 7-14 days before I receive my cards.

    Furious, I asked to speak with a manager, (Jason Kilonoviskich). As I reiterated my concerns over this transaction, Jason continued to interrupt me before my thought was complete.

    Jason told me that unfortunately there is nothing more that he could do for me, other than reprocess the order. He went further to explain, since I selected ground shipping vs priority shipping (a difference of $6.00) that my order wouldn't have a time frame when it would be completed.

    I paused, and repeated (from a customers view) exactly what he told me: "Because I didn't opt for the additional $6.00 shipping charge, and the error is your responsibility, you're telling me that the money I paid to your company is not valued as much as one with Priority Service, and that I could receive my business cards a month or 2 years from now? Is that correct?

    Jason replied with somewhat of an attitude that he cannot assist me any further, and that he can cancel my order. I proceeded to tell him that I didn't need his permission to cancel my order and asked for his supervisors information. At this point the landline phone was disconnected. I cannot definitively say Jason hung up on me, but I wouldn't rule it out.

    SUMMARY: No one bothered emailing me or contacting me regarding my order and/or any delays. A mistake solely on their part did not prompt OVERNIGHTPRINTS.COM to offer any financial reimbursement. I have no wasted 2 1/2 weeks of my time. I will never do business with this company again.

    I hope this review assists in your next business card purchase.

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