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Husband and I were scammed into thinking that we had won a truck.
Went to the Davison Michigan location.
Was fast talked into, (major pressure) getting into a contract that we're both stuck in, with no way out.
When we signed up, we were never informed that our monthly payment would go from $40 to $150 a month. When contacting anyone from the main office in Bay City, Michigan, they are anything but nice, they are rude, and argumentative.
I just want to stop paying for something that I don't use, or want without ruining my credit.

  • Outdoor Adventures Customer Care's Response, Aug 14, 2019

    You would need to contact member services at [protected] ext. 2227 to discuss your concerns and options. Thanks!

Aug 13, 2019
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      Aug 23, 2019

    My husband and I too purchased a membership I believe it was in February/March 2019 with real pressuring salespeople promising a great raffle that could win us a brand new truck. We were reluctant for sure but thought it sounded very promising as they told us that the key we were mailed could unlock the truck and that many do not show up so our chances were even better. They told us that someone wins a brand new truck every year.

    We were told that we could purchase the membership for 3 years and thought it would be good since they promised a clean environment and camping whenever we wanted.

    Well that changed when we realized how iffy it was to make a reservation on line. We were told we could rent for 14 days straight and one week off and then another 14 days so my husband and I thought we could have two great weekends in a row to camp. Not knowing we were not allowed to leave the camp for more than 24 hours which came up the first time we went camping.

    We were put on the waiting list and got a call the day of May 25th that we could camp so we went ahead and found a site. Which we drove around for an hour before finding one. No direction from anyone there. There were maybe 3 campsites left. No one could tell us what campgrounds were even open.

    We found one but it was a disaster. There were piles of very wet leaves all over. I am highly allergic to mold. I asked a friend of mine if she could bring over a rake so I could get these wet leaves out of our camp. After we raked the campsite (after being told that we pay a cleaning fee once a year), I found a pair of flip flops and shorts that belonged to a child that was probably under those leaves for quite a while as no maintenance was done on any of the sites we seen. We cleaned it up and stayed for the first night. At 10-10:30 a bunch of golf carts paraded by honking and playing very loud music. We have a small dog that is not used to camping so we are working on socializing her and getting her used to it, however, the campground was very loud and not relaxing at all.

    The next morning there was a rain storm so the mold was making me feel quite ill so we decided to leave for a bit. Within a half an hour we were called and told that we must get back to our campsite or move our trailer? We were never told during the membership details about this rule of leaving campsite unoccupied for 24 hours would result in fees, etc. When my husband explained that I had not felt well, they commented with the only reason they would allow us to leave the campsite unoccupied for more than 24 hours would be if there was a death in the family? Really? This is a camping trip? It is supposed to be fun.

    We attempted another camping trip on July 12th-14th. We arrived before 5pm to find there were very few campsites available. We finally found one that the Outdoor Adventure truck was moving a trailer from. We asked if it was available and he said yes. We talked to our neighbor campers and they said there were atleast 5 or 6 campers on prime campsites that sat empty all week. They were short staffed and Outdoor Adventure was supposed to get them moved to the storage lot for over 5 days. No wonder we can’t get a prime spot. Also, why can those campsites remain unoccupied but as paying customers we can’t? We paid just as much as the other members and I think we have a right to reserve a site for 14 days (whether we are there 24 hours a day or not) It should not matter.

    My husband and I would like our money back as we do not feel that it is worth being a member. We were giving coast to coast and that doesn’t even have any discounts as we were promised either. I don’t see us nearly getting our money’s worth with all the rules that were not told when we signed up for the membership.

    One more thing that I would like to mention also is we were told the indoor pool would be available by summer 2019. When we were there both on Memorial day and July – it didn’t appear to have been worked

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