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On sunday october 22, 2017 on or about 4:15 p.m. myself, my brother and my 84 years old mother went to the outback steakhouse at 371 gellert blvd. daly city, ca 94015 for dinner. upon our arrival there were 2 hispanic hostess to greet us. they did not greet us with a welcoming greet. the hostess waited for the other hostess to prepared the cutlery setting and proceeded to seat us in the bar area. we were not asked if we wanted to sit in the dinning area or the bar. my brother told her "don't you see us with my mother here who is 84 years old and you want to seat her at the bar." i told her that we wanted to seat in the dinning area that we were there for dinner. she frowned and proceeded to walk to the dinning area. as we walked behind her i noticed to the right side of the restaurant dinning area was full. another waitress walked pass her and made a statement. in the isle we were walking through there was a hispanic family of about 7 people sitting and enjoying their meal.
the hostess passed all the tables behind them and proceeded to the rear of the restaurant, sat the menus on the table next to the rear door. I noticed there were 2 elderly african american ladies dinning across from the area that was chosen for us to seat finishing their meal. I asked the hostess why she chose to sit us there. the waitress reply was "you heard what she said" i told her I did not, and her reply was "she said that side is full." I explained that I understood that the other side is full, but she passed up about 5 tables to sit us in the back. At that time the elderly ladies responded by saying "we thought the same thing, except we didn't say anything" my brother asked her why she chose to seat us in the rear and she proceeded to go back to the front hostess area. At this point we left the restaurant disgusted with the bias showed by the waitress. While leaving my brother explained to the hostess that she should read the book "Rosa Parks."
We request that the issue be addressed with that staff and compensation for their negligence treatment of us.

Carmen Garner
3325 Georgia street apt. b
Oakland, ca 94602

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