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Okay, nice ad on tv...decided what the heck... let me check it out ... FREE! Hold your horses folks, nothing free about this site. Sure you can put your profile on it for free and everything about yourself for free but to obtain even the smallest amount of communication with other members on the site... get your credit card out and ready. You can get one month at a decent price...but beware... even though you only agree to one month... they will keep billing you until you actually cancel. The only form of contact you have with this site is through your account settings and if you do the cancellation process in the wrong order you will not be able to go back and cancel e mail notifications from I was on this site less than an hour and it was horrible because pop-ups interfered with the one contact I started to communicate with. Not only did it time out but before continuing it tried to entice more features for more money... Unbelievable. The worse part... lol... the chat got smutty in a hurry... not on my part. The site really looks inviting and pleasant and they really want you to commit to a 6 month fine print NO REFUNDS... (we shall see about that...) Beware... I do appreciate the pervert who informed me about the credit card rape... guess that explains the bad behavior...


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    soldier1948 Aug 01, 2012

    Even when you pay $81.93 you can contact them but you must upgrade to get reply.This company has no refund policy to make higher profits.They screw you over and do not meet what they say they will do Joseph Lake City Fl.

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  • Vi
    Victim#1901 Apr 17, 2013

    The site has a pop up for $1.00 a month which is a scam. My credit card was charged 81.93 cents when I only agreed for 6 months at $1/monthly. When I called, they told me that it was my error and that they do not have a refund policy. I am now working with my credit card company to et credit and report the scam.

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  • Ou
    OurTime to take your money Mar 24, 2018

    OurTime, not a member yet, sends me profile names along with a fussy photo, saying this woman is interested in me. The site, when queried, shows no such member. OurTime does this to entice people to sign up, then the money thresher goes into operation. You cannot contact OurTime in any way that will get them to respond to you. Getting to be a member is made easy, getting out and stopping them from more charges to your credit card is VERY difficult. I suggest you find a more reputable dating site. I am remembering all these facts from my becoming a member a year or so ago. I almost fell for it again until the fussy non-existing members that are interested in me showed up, obviously sent by OurTime themselves, a made up member to get me to let them charge money from my CC.

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