OurTime.com3 scammers out of 5 contacts

C Mar 28, 2019 Review updated:

Shortly after signing up for OurTimedating site, I was contacted by John Corvi—-scammer #1. He was an engineer on an oil rig off Alaska. Beautiful, romantic emails, "too good to be true". After 3 weeks of intense communicating (email, phone, text), he said they had an explosion and needed money to get drinking water sent to the platform. Shortly after calling him out as a scammer, Andrew Davis another engineer, pipeline specialist contacted me—scammer #2. We started emailing and I felt the same "grooming" type of communication-happen and said we had to meet in person to continue. Never heard from him again and his profile is gone. Yet another pipeline engineer contacted me and immediately wanted to communicate offsite. I cut this off right away because everything about it felt all too familiar.
3 scammers in only 5 men I've communicated with on OurTime!

I called OurTime's contact number to complain about not feeling safe on their website. They proceeded to tell me that they could not find my account under all the identifying information I gave them! I told them that I had received 3 emails from OurTime within the past 2 hours at the email I gave. They continued to say that they could not find my account, so absolutely nothing was done to help the safety of others on their site. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to OURTIME!!!


  •   Mar 28, 2019

    Every dating site has scammers. Report them but they return with new emails and stories. They get money so continue to scam. It’s more fun to play with them. Ask for an address and name to send money to and report them to their local police. Ask them to meet you two hundred miles away from their location and don’t show up. Claim you were there at the restaurant with cash but you never showed up. Ask the police to send a decoy officer to meet the scammer.

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