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Osn unprofessional customer service
Kindly note that on july 23rd my credit card was charged by the monthly which was a shock for me as I indicated very clearly on july 6th not to charge my credit card again at zamalek office as we are going to pay in cash at due time & gave them the new family member contact with new phone number!!!??? As expected no service as you talk to tom & jerry they tell you we are going to call the new person & follow up with which never happened.. That is beside the different replies that you get on the same issue from different staff members even dubai office... Funny

Can you answer the following closed questions

Why my credit card was charged.
Why did you stop broadcasting on july 23rd while its payed till aug.3rd.
Why as per your agent that money is not refunded in 48 hours???.&still till now???.
Why did the clerk of dubai head office called me (fouad I think the name)!!!??? Since he indicated that if you are not that happy with our services why are you still dealing with us. Does he have any idea what is customer service.
Why did you block me in face book or you do not admit complains.
Thank you
Amr el atreby


  • Gp
    GPat Apr 13, 2013

    OSN again failed to obtain rights to show the Masters. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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  • Mc
    mcd a Feb 18, 2018

    OSN proved its self to us as the worst company and untrustworthy. they use your credit card without permission. There rates are highest in the world, while they provide there customers with old and repetitive movies and programs. Be careful with them charging you 10 days before you next month services begin (its the only company in the world that does that, Apparently they do not trust customers).
    Do not trust this company, there are other alternative for tv programs and movies. Just check the net for alternatives such net flix, amazon, hulu...etc.

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  • Ah
    Ahmed H. Jan 29, 2019

    OSN cheated on me several times. They charged us extra money for the monthly subscription without telling us (significantly more money). When I told them to stop the services, they cheated again and charged us an additional month. I'm going to the consumer protection services and will file against them. I hope many people do the same. Don't let them cheat on us again. Here is where you can file against them:



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  • By
    byron dsouza Jul 18, 2019

    Osn unprofessional customer service
    Kindly note that on 15 th of every month my credit card is getting charged by the monthly fee of Aed 150.. I am paying for something which i cannot use. I need refund for the time which i have not used I am facing this issue since 15 days unable to watch the channels and getting the error OSN pehla service is not available.I tried reaching you through IVR went through all instruction and receive the compalin number 9921920 but none of them contacted. Please refund the amount for the time which i was unbale to use and restore all the channels. Your quick response would be much appreciated.



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  • La
    Lamasam Aug 08, 2019

    Osn subscription cannot be stopped !!!

    its simply that its so easy to subscribe and credit card would be charged on the spot, but if you want to cancel your subscription they will keep charging you without even telling you .

    what happened with me is that i needed to cancel my subscription on April, 2019 . they convinced me that i can deactivate the subscription for two months starting from the 7th of may- 7th of July and by July i can decide to reactivating the account or stop it, when i called on July to stop the subscription they told me that they cant and they should charge me another month because the account should be active to to be stopped ! so i have to activate it, pay the monthly fees and then stop it !
    I told them not to charge any amount and they should get back to my old request and that i deactivated the account based on there advice, so what they did is they charged the amount without calling me and i didn't know about it until i checked my monthly balance on the credit card .

    This is really unacceptable and this was not the first time i have a problem with the cancellation department at OSN


    My subscription is on this email [email protected]
    I hope that you call to follow up on my complaint but i dont think that you will !

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