Orbit Showtime Network [OSN]unable to cancel my osn subscription

M Aug 07, 2018

Dear Team,

I have been trying to terminate my OSN subscription without any success.
Initially they gave me one month free viewing and asked me to call on the 01st of August 2018 to cancel my subscription without any penalty or payments, which ends on 11th August 2018.
I have now been calling them from the 01st of August 2018.
OSN keeps giving me the same answer whenever I call the customer service helpline.
The answer is " An agent from the cancellation section will contact you to fulfill your request ".
All attempts made by them to contact me through the in- house automatic response system are keeping me on hold and not connecting me to any agents from the cancellation section.
It seems that they are just wasting time till 11th August 2018, where I have to end up paying for the cancellation.
Request you help to resolve this matter .
Melroy Bosco Dias

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