OpticalTelcable tv

R Feb 13, 2020

This is a rv park (quail roost rv park) which has many rvs that is getting your cable. The reception is very poor and over 7 channels has directv sports advertisement on it. When a storm outs the service a directv logo spins across the tv telling you to check your box or how to fix it or check your satellite. Satellite? How is this possible with cable? I called directv and they say no way can this happened. But when I called you guys one of your team told me you get our tv thru directv and thats why I am seeing this. Really? Seems like someone is telling tales or maybe you or directv is telling lies. But when I watch my one tv it is telling me iam watching the show on satellite... Well my tv does not lie. It knows where the signal is coming from. So what the heck are you ppl doing? Love to hear your reply asap. This has been going on for months.

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