Opinion Outpostfroze my account when trying to redeem points for amazon gift cards.


My account keeps getting frozen when I try to redeem points.
First time was 5/30. When I tried to redeem points, I got a message that it couldn't be done at this time and the situation would be looked into.
When I tried to log into my account, I got the message "Your account has been frozen due to data concerns." I emailed their helpdesk on 5/30
I received a reply on 6/1 asking for information which I supplied that same day. They wanted my name, address, DOB, device I was using and locaton.
On 6/4, I received an email they had received my info and would pass it onto the accounts department.
On June 6, i was informed the account was now restored and I was able to redeem 200 points.
6/9-I had taken some more surveys and tried to redeem points. Got the same message again and then my account was frozen. Again was told it was referred.
6/13 was informed account was restored. 6/14 I was still frozen out and emailed them again
6/21 was informed it was restored. It wasn't. I emailed again.
6/27 was informed it was restored and and to wait 24 hours for full activation. I did wait, was able to take some surveys, tried again to redeem points and got message again that they couldn't process it and then my account was frozen again.


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