Ooredoounethical behaviour

Y Sep 07, 2018

This incident happened on September 6 2018 in Ooredoo City Center branch between 7:45PM - 8:45PM. We are applying for a new Wi-fi Installation and we would like to make a payment. We have token number and we were not inform that fast track for payment is no longer an option so i approach Amuraina in Seat # 1. We approach one of the customer service name "Amuraina" and right after we inform him that we are going to make a payment, he said right away that payment must be done in the machine. I approached one of the customer service to confirm and she asked me if I am going to pay in cash or in card. I told her that I will pay in cash and we have multiple accounts to pay. The lady approached "Amuraina" and told him that we will pay in card and we have multiple accounts. "Did he "Amuraina" ask you if you will pay in cash or in card and how many accounts you will pay? the lady ask me, I said no. Right away he told me that I need to pay in the machine. The lady told "Amuraina" that this customer will pay in card and they have multiple accounts so you have to assist them.
While I am sitting to process the payments, this "Amuraina" kept on saying that I have less than 5 accounts then he will not proceed the payment. I kept on telling him that I have more than 5 accounts to pay. When he pulled up the account, he said "oh you have too many accounts, you could have told me. I told him, I kept on telling you but you don't to listen. It took us 30 minutes just to process the payment because he input incorrect account in POS and he process another payment again for the remaining amount.
While processing new application for the new installation he asked me the location. I gave him the location which in Bin Omran and the Electricity number. He asked us the complete address, I said I don't know and I call my cousin. We are sitting for more than 10 minutes when I told him that, "we are doing this so many times. as you can see we have multiple accounts. we never asked for the complete address as long as we have the Electricity number and the location". And he said oh yeah i can proceed. I told him that we been sitting for almost and hour and we are not yet finish because of the nonsense questions he kept on asking and saying. He got mad and he doesn't want to continue our application. He started to ignore us and proceed with the other customer as if we do not exist infront of him. We insist that he needs to proceed and he got mad starting to call me "S***id" infront of the customers. He kept on yelling and calling me names until one customer service interrupted and was the one who assisted us to proceed with our new application.

Please a customer service must not behave us such. Calling your customer "st***d"and yelling your customer.

We are requesting Ooredoo to investigate the matter and proper sanction must be applied to that customer service.

I have attached the copy of my receipt to prove that "Amuraina" was the customer service who assisted us in a very unprofessional manner, unethical behaviour, yell and call names to a lady customer.

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