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One Switch Rent a Car review: Misrepresentation of fees

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The hidden costs, at 3 x the original booking cost, are absolutely that, hidden. They are misrepresented and inflated given that at the point that you are there to collect the vehicle, you are essentially left with no choice. I, at that time, was left with no choice given it was late evening after a day of 11 hours of travelling with my 2 year old and parents who aren't in the best of health. They are well aware of this and make the choice to prey on this vulnerability.

Please note also, the added driver had to be added given that at no point during the booking process was I asked who would be the driver therefore who should the booking be reserved in the name of. Another clever assured way of obtaining more money.

At Mex Rent A Car, I met other renters who said they had been warned of the unethical practices in place and knew what to look out for. So this is a known problem and one I will do my upmost to make public with formal reviews across the internet, in hope that others do not face the penalisation we did for not knowing insurance regulations in a foreign country.

Desired outcome: I would appreciate a refund please.

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