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I had a non-functional toilet which constantly backs-up. The toilet is covered under the warranty but Old Republic would rather send a plumber out every time it backs-up rather than to replace the toilet. The contractor has 48 hrs. before they have to respond, yet old republic wants me to go without a toilet again and again rather than to have a customer that is happy with their service! Please do not use this company and save yourself some time, aggravation and money!


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      Jun 26, 2011
    Old Republic Home Protection - Failure to Fulfill Warranty Agreement
    Old Republic
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    The evaporative coil (specifically covered by my policy) on my AC failed. In order to replace an evaporative coil, it is usual and necessary to effect modifications to the plenum, copper, and drains, in order to make everything fit back together again.

    Old Republic has agreed to pay for replacement of the coil, rightly assessing me a $60 co-pay . . . BUT then insists I must pay $375 for the needed modification of the plenum, $150 for copper and drain adjustment, $75 for freon recovery, AND pay $150 to dispose of the evaporative coil (insult to injury!).

    Folks, that's $810 out of my pocket to replace a covered part on a covered AC unit. Old Republic's Home Protection provides a policy worth just what you think it is.

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