Ocwen Financial Corporationinsurance issues

My father purchased this house and took out a mortgage to pay his brothers off and he got a $40, 000 loan and he give each one of his brothers $10, 000 to pay him off so he could have his family home his mother and father raised their boys in this home my father also took the rest of the money and fixed up this place and he got sick in 2011 and he passed away he died of lung cancer therefore my father had this home quick claim deed added over to me and when I die it goes to my daughter since I've owned or took over this mortgage on this house I've managed to pay I believe I owe 32 thousand on this house when my dad had this place and he got the mortgage it was through Litton loan he once had an insurance on him and also this property stating that if something happened to him that it would be paid for when Litton loan sold the mortgage to Ocwen that part of that insurance never crossover so therefore there still a tag on this house which shouldn't be since then I've put my own inheritance into this house I've had roof damage I've had water damage this December my pipes broke flooded my house I contacted my insurance company Ocwen was contacted also and I stated several claims Dan Hadley told me to file a claim for every individual issue with this house I filed for the roof I had a fire in my bathroom I had the water pipes break on top of this my daughter come home and seen that have been running for 3 days and so and broke her hand and had to have pins put in her hand when I was done with therapy taking her back and forth because she's also disabled on top of this I proceeded to take her and I filed a claim ended as in Hadley told me he is now come out here three times to see the damage in the truck loads that's been destroyed he's taking his own pictures and now he tells me that his pictures were not visible enough and at the time he told me to go ahead and discard of all the trash and now he's telling me to get manuals to send some I got to have some kind of proof he said well when this damage occurred my mother come in here and totally started throwing everything away I don't know where anything is I can't find my manuals what do I do I feel like I've been almost accused of doing this purposely by Dan Hadley and I feel that he does not want to take on the large loss that I have here I have way more lost than that's even wrote down I'm taking quite a bit of a loss myself and losing all my family heirlooms all of my personal property that's been destroyed due to this water damage and fire I had a roof leak I don't know if it had went down into my walls and got my electrical wet which had caused the fire I'm not for certain I know I've had several estimates I've submitted them I've done my part my footwork I've paid since 2011 on this house and my insurance I just recently got behind because of this issue here and I met a hardship I need help I need somebody to do something about this I'm begging you I've been sleeping in my Hummer I don't have socks for god sakes and it's almost winter again I have a disabled daughter I haven't animals or sleeping in a barn in my yard I don't know what else to do I don't want to contact an attorney but I feel like I'm going to have to I'm not getting no response from either way you guys are holding a $5, 600 check that needs to be submitted back to me I have emailed all proper forms that you guys need I'm waiting for a response so I can by at least some clothes I have no winter clothes they're out here in the yard destroyed I have no clothes I have no money for no clothes no more Dan told me he says why don't you have somebody come in a clean out crew well it's beyond that I have mold in my house now there's mold in there it's a health risk is a health hazard I don't know whether to contact the health department or if you guys can have somebody come out here and completely clean my house out cuz that's what it's going to take on the inside is unlivable it's not even safe for animals I've about fell through the floor twice is ruined my stove my frigerator my washer and dryer is ruined my TV's when I had this fire a
completely blew out everything everything in my house is destroyed can you help me

Oct 02, 2019

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